What Are You Waiting For?

I know some of you can attest to this and that's why I have decided to write about it in hopes to, leave you inspired. Often times, hearing the same message from strangers gets our wheels moving versus hearing it from those who know us well. I think that it is a poor decision to … Continue reading What Are You Waiting For?

Transitions Are Hard

Another morning session where I have smeared mascara because I have to talk about the difficulties of specific areas of my life. Discussing how I have spent the last three months just wanting to quit everything because of this season of transition and isolation. Not only have the last three months been hard, but this … Continue reading Transitions Are Hard

Toxic Relationships That We Love

I am sure we all have some experiences of being involved in toxic relationships that were difficult to get rid of. Not by force, but because we actually LOVED those relationships. I know it may sound crazy to love something that is not good for you -the truth is we do it every day. From … Continue reading Toxic Relationships That We Love