Forgiveness and Healing

Writing Helped Me Heal

I think that it is important for us to find something healthy to help us during the healing process. For me, writing is what started it all. I was not always a good writer nor did I ever think that I would like it. I enjoy writing because it allows me to have the freedom to allow my thoughts to be as loud as they want to be without saying anything verbally. There are times, in which I know you will agree, that something is on your mind but you cannot verbally put it all together. Writing becomes your best friend during that time, don’t you agree?

In 2016 during my last semester of college, I took a creative writing course. I did not know that I would be good at it, but I figured that I would be based on the thoughts of my third-grade teacher. Apparently, I did not follow directions for a writing assignment and end up writing about a snowman on the beach, haha. I still have no idea where I was going with that. Anyway, this is where the first steps of my healing process began.

We wrote short stories, poems, and other creative things – sorry I can’t remember much about it. All I know is I came alive during the poetry theme of the class. My pieces were based on the pain that derived from a love that I carried with me for quite some time. Although I was hurting, I was not strong enough to face the person to tell them, so I left it all of the paper. It got real when I had to perform in front of classmates and friends at a local coffee shop at the end of the semester.

There was no warning of the language because it was my art. I needed those words to express my pain – the pieces wouldn’t be the same without it. Healing came quickly in two poems that were about two pages long. It felt like I was speaking directly to the individual – that was the only way I could just get it all out. A healing like this made ya girl feel like she was drinking from the holy fountain, haha.

I knew it worked because eventually, I came face to face with the pain, the individual. I was able to look them straight in the eye and did not feel any rage. I felt peace, finally, I was healed.

10 thoughts on “Writing Helped Me Heal”

  1. It’s such a relief to have pen and paper capture everything you are struggling to say verbally! Thanks for all the personal insights on how to heal and find peace in difficult times! Your blog is much needed!

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