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What Are You Waiting For?

I know some of you can attest to this and that’s why I have decided to write about it in hopes to, leave you inspired. Often times, hearing the same message from strangers gets our wheels moving versus hearing it from those who know us well. I think that it is a poor decision to go to what’s familiar because we get the same responses. Even if the response is good, it still leaves us in the same spot we were in before consulting their advice.

As I was thinking about what to write next, I had to draw from what I have been experiencing lately. Through my experience, I kept asking myself, “what are you waiting for?” I like to think that I am a go-getter and once I make a plan I execute and get it done; however, it doesn’t always work like that. I become mentally stagnant and it isn’t until I see someone doing what I’ve always dreamed of where my flame gets lit. Why does it have to take that though? I’m not sure, it works for me, even if I am a little envious. Instead of searching the minds of others for questions like the one posed for the title of this post, I drag it out of my own mind.

See that’s the thing, we ask for advice when we already know the answer. But somewhere inside we have hope that someone can tell us something different than what we have been pondering about for days, weeks at a time. As I think of all that I want to do, I ask, “what are you waiting for?” For me, I’m always waiting for someone to give me the cue that I’m good to go, or that my ideas are appetizing, or that my dreams seem reachable. I literally set myself up for failure when I do that. Here I am asking folks that don’t have the passion I have. They don’t carry the vision for my life, nor do they light their own flames. But why, why do I need them to validate what keeps me up at night?

I’ll admit, I’m still on the search. I’m on the search for self. Learning to deviate from the norms and just continue to tap into what sets my soul ablaze, free. You know how good that feels when you try it and see that you succeed? I started asking myself this question because I want to travel, but I want to travel solo. In this stage in my life, I’m tapping into my purpose and I realllllly cannot afford distractions. One way that really helps me along this journey is traveling. Often, I like to travel when I need to make big decisions or allow my mind to see clearly. It’s something about being in the unknown where we find the answers. I know that may be deep for some, but for me, it works every time. I literally need to be placed in an unfamiliar environment to feel and hear the functions of my inner man.

If all that sounds good and dandy, “what am I waiting for?” I’m still getting to that but I hope this leaves you asking the same question. Why not just apply for that job, call that number on the back of the card, take that solo trip, move to that new state, leave all things familiar behind to embrace and find your tribe? Will you continue to wait or just go for it? Let me know ☺️

10 thoughts on “What Are You Waiting For?”

  1. Well said! I related to a lot of what you wrote here. At a point, you realize you’re not getting any younger, and you have nothing to lose! Just have to live life and go for it!

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