I Stopped Using My Fear-Focused Lenses

I must say that I spend a lot of time in my head, there is always something to think about. Well, that’s the world that I live in but it does not mean that it is always a good place. One day I was driving to work, and its a rather long ride – about an hour. I kept trying to figure out how I can just put a rest to the fears that were consuming all major areas of my brain. I have dissected every part of the fear and how it is correlated to my emotions and behaviors on the regular. Then…..and only then, it HIT ME!

Fear, as we know, is connected to the “unknown.” We fear it, then host this obsession party as if peace is an outcome to make it “LIT!” I thought to myself why should I focus on what I don’t know; instead of what I do? I had fears regarding a particular area in my life, in which I do not have any control over – well to an extent I don’t. However, there was plenty of things that I did know. So instead of rehearsing the thoughts of fear like I was auditioning for a play, I rehearsed all of my knowns. This may not be big to you, but it was a MAJOR breakthrough for me.

Since I have figure out this sanity recipe, I am now applying it to all and any fears that arise. Fear is like stress, it’ll be there but you can control who holds the power. I didn’t want to make this a long post, but I hope that this resonates with someone. I’d like to know what realizations you all had with fear and how it helped you to stop using your fear-focused lenses.

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13 thoughts on “I Stopped Using My Fear-Focused Lenses”

  1. This is a great post! Fear focused lenses takes away from what is present and what we are fully capable of doing. Definitely left inspired to change my lenses! 🙂

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  2. Looking back at times I was afraid, I see how much time I wasted because the fear was so small. This is why I’ve grown to love taking risks and living out my comfort zone! Great post!



  3. Overcoming fear can be challenging. Knowing that positive outcomes are more possible than failure helps me work through my own fears ! Fear usually loses in my mind.


  4. You’re so right, anything happens (or even doesn’t happen yet) we can grab our fear-focused lenses and throw them on, not looking at what really is. Here’s to wearing courage instead.

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  5. I struggle with fear and anxiety. I don’t know why but I have a hard time doing things outside of my comfort zone. This year, I want to try harder to put my fears behind me.

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  6. Awesome title for your post. Fear is the #1 thing that holds us back from accomplishing our goals. I’m happy that you have made a breakthrough in this area and will not let fear of the unknown hold you back. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. I like the term fear focused lenses because it can happen so easily, and consume you quickly. Such a honest post since we have all been then there at some point in our lives.

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