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Creating My Own Space

I was just like you, waiting to be accepted and invited to have a seat at the table. If I didn’t decide to create my own space, I’d probably still be standing and waiting around for folks. I had heard over time that a lot of things that you want to do, you may have to create on your own. Of course, I didn’t want to hear that! I wanted to just be a part of something that was already put together. After hearing it enough that it got uber annoying, I started to do just that, create my own space.

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What that looks like now? I started blogging, began to develop a blueprint for my online business, applied to be a representative for BGSW (I got it too!), and now I want to create Facebook groups for interests that I have; you know, to connect with people just like me. It’s hard when you are different and set apart – basically being a leader is a lonely journey. It all makes sense why I was never supposed to fill the spaces others created because it wasn’t the space that was meant for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I am apart of some spaces that others created, but what I am saying is I had to step out and go after those spaces that I desired deeply on the inside.

We long for things in life and we tend to always look outward to get them. I don’t know why we are so accustomed to that, but what I do know is that is the first step of neglecting ourselves. We don’t spend time looking inward enough. When I began to do that, a rush of ideas, dreams, love, and support came from that place. Seeking the insides of ourselves is important and I am glad that I did so. I am no longer waiting for others to create spaces or invite me into theirs. I’m making it myself with the intention to support others like me in doing the same.

Will you create your own space?

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27 thoughts on “Creating My Own Space”

  1. I needed to read this, especially with the transition that I’m in currently in my life. I’ve ever felt that if I wasn’t able to “sit” at the table with others, then I wasn’t accepted, and the thought of rejection is one of the worst feelings we can experience. 2019 is a time for me to create everything and stop living in fear! Also congratulations on your job!

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  2. this is the very reason why I created my own personal blog and other creative ventures. I was tired of waiting on others to give me permission to create and demonstrate my skills. Sometimes you have to be your own advocate and create your own lane. Many of the successful people do and so can we.

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  3. This post basically sums up my 2018. I stepped out on faith and started my blog. I tried so hard to remain at the table in other circles because it felt comfortable. However, it didn’t work long term and became very uncomfortable. Once I created my own table, I was able to flourish the way I knew I should have all long.

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  4. This sounds as if I could of wrote it myself! It def gets lonely at the top sometimes but that is the price we pay to be trendsetters.. the ones who actually get ish done! Creating my own space was the best thing I could of did for myself. Good read!

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  5. Loved it! This is sooooo important in creating your OWN vision. You can very well contribute your skills to help others but that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. Helping someone else build their vision. You have that creative spark in you so I’m glad you found it and ran with it.
    For me this is the main reason why I created
    I wanted my own platform and start to create my own vision. I see it taking off 🚀


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