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Guest Blogger Tanaisha-Trusting God’s Process Through It All

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Hello all,

I am Tanaisha Coleman, a student affairs educator working at the University of Vermont. I aspire to be a multicultural affairs educator and diversity, inclusion, and equity consultant. Other aspirations entail being a teacher of social justice or business equity courses, motivational speaker, diversity and inclusion innovator, and world traveler. My life motto is turning my dreams into reality. If you are inspired by my guest blog post and want to chat, please contact me.

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Trusting God’s Process Through It All

Are you waiting for God to reveal His purpose for your life or for your situation to change? If so, I am here to encourage you to stay strong, patient, and faithful. Faith requires us to be brave and trust the process. I have no problem being brave since I have moved to three different non-diverse states as a young Black woman with no friends and family in the last three years. However, when it comes to trusting the process worry and self-doubt causes me to stumble. Why? One, I am a planner, so not knowing is frightening for me. Two, I am a thinker, and a purpose-driven person, so I like everything I do to relate to my goals with a clear understanding of how the big picture is forming.

I can fight against self-doubt and worry by utilizing a combination of methods to settle nerves and revive my faith in God’s process. First and foremost, I engage in constant fellowship and prayer with Christ since He will guide me through no matter the trial or waiting period. Even though my situation might not change both provide a sense of peace from laying it all on the table. Another method is embracing the notion that me knowing everything should not determine my trust in God. If I am halfway invested in God having control over my life than I cannot expect Him to answer my questions. Thus, I establish a firm trust in God’s process by recalling the times He had provided a way when the situation seemed impossible. Additionally, I accept that what is for me will be despite the steps I need to take. Meaning time and other factors don’t equate what will be since God orchestrates my blessings. This requires me to communicate with God and seek counsel about what I need to experience for goals to be effectively accomplished.

We were not created to handle everything by ourselves. Thus, I cultivate a spiritual support system, a selection of friends and family, to help me remember why the wait is worth it, brainstorm ways to seek God’s counsel and provide authentic faith-based encouragement. When identifying these people, you should ask God to show you who is worthy to be in the sacred circle since everyone’s intentions and soul-tie might not blend well for what you need.

My career goal to be a multicultural affairs educator and diversity, inclusion, and equity consult has been a journey for me to be brave and trust God’s process. When I graduated college in 2016, I questioned God about my destiny. It took four months of soul searching and countless conversations with Christ and others to realize the answer. I graduated with a double major degree in Journalism and Communications, I loved storytelling but knew being a reporter or public relations specialist was not my calling. God revealed this by not opening any doors in either field despite my experience of writing for the newspaper for three years or an internship managing social media accounts. I felt like my degree was useless and my career goals needed to be restructured. So, I asked God how could I utilize my degree with a different career plan and what will that career be? It was month one my answer was silence.

Month two, I started journaling to God about my passions. The theme of my passions all related to advocating for minorities and helping myself and others develop cultural competence. I also had a conversation with a member of my spiritual support system about how I desired to turn my passion into a career. The person suggested that I pray to God for guidance to uncover if it was meant for my passion to be my career.

Month three, I reflected how my interests could be a career in multicultural affairs to assist college students with their identity development and cultivate the skillset to understand diverse people and situations. I also concluded I wanted to do diversity consulting with institutions and businesses to help companies and people process conversing about identities, understanding diversity and inclusion, and creating strategies to build and maintain equitable resources. I wrote out how the career goals utilized my degree with needing to actively listen, write clearly, process complex stories, explain multi-facet concepts, and more. Lastly, I said to God if these career paths were meant for me, He needed to provide the necessary resources for it to happen.

Month four, I applied for an AmeriCorps position serving at Cornell College in Iowa as the Civic Engagement Center Program Coordinator. Within two weeks, I went through the interview process, and I was selected for the position. At Cornell College, I also joined the institutional Diversity Committee and facilitated a small discussion group on all facets of identity. This was my answer that God intended me to pursue the goals.

Since then, my accomplishments towards the goals include co-advising a social justice service-learning trip, supervising a Social Justice Learning Community, attending a diversity and inclusion facilitator workshop, and participating in a class on starting a small business. None of this would be possible without God; He has paved the way for me to turn my passion into a career. It’s a work in process, and each year I am closer to turning the goals into reality. Your blessings will come when God deems everything is ready. We must do our part during the wait.

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