Stressed? Don’t trip, take a trip! Top 5 Inexpensive Trip Ideas to De-stress – Guest Blogger Jasmine

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My name is Jasmine Kazera and I run a Travel/Lifestyle blog called Traveling Through Life With a Wine Glass Half Full. For me, traveling through life is a journey within itself. Life can sometimes get you down and you may encounter numerous stressful days. I believe it is all about perspective; keeping a positive attitude and open mind (seeing the glass half full rather than half empty) can really make a difference and help you though the toughest of times. One of the many things I pride myself on is being an optimistic person, so I’ve created this blog to help people get that same positive outlook on life and all it has to offer. I share Travel Tips, Stories and Inspiration all through a positive point a view.

Stressed? Don’t trip, take a trip!

Top 5 Inexpensive Trip Ideas to De-stress

 I’m sure we all have our favorite ways to de-stress. Some might listen to music, treat themselves to a tasty treat, find a friend to lean on, exercise or seek professional help. There are many other ways to relax and de-stress, but one of my favorites is to travel! But what if it is money that you are stressing about to begin with? Well the glory about travel is that it does not always have to be expensive and elaborate. A simple and quick get-away can also do the trick! Here is a short list of quick and inexpensive get-away ideas to destress! 

1- Take a Drive

Do you commute to and from work in a car? On your way home try taking the scenic route. This may add another 15 minutes to your drive but it is often therapeutic to just ride out. Tune out your stressful thoughts, turn on your favorite tunes, and you can even talk to yourself while no one is around if need be! 

Cost – =$15 for extra gas* 

2- Visit your Neighboring City

Pack an overnight bag and set out for dinner and a movie in a nearby city, one that you can get to within an hour by car, or public transportation. You do not have to go too far to travel, sometimes just a simple change of scenery can alter our mood for the better. 

Cost= $150* 

3- Visit a Friend or Relative 

Sometimes when we feel stressed out we just need someone to talk to, it can make you feel a lot better when you get burdens off of your chest just by speaking them out loud. You may even start to form your own solutions. Try visiting a friend or relative to talk, but instead of meeting at your house see if it is ok to meet at theirs, your favorite restaurant or park..

Cost = $30*

4- Book a Bus Trip 

Look for a local bus trip to plan a day trip get-away. Most colleges, workplaces or community centers plan bus trips. They usually consist of shopping trips, trips to see local plays at the theatre, or even to amusement parks, concerts, or museums. Try to take advantage of being surrounded by new people and enjoying a day of fun. 

Cost= $100* 

5- Go to the Beach 

Unfortunately this one will depend on how close you live to the beach and what time of year it is, but if possible give it a try. There is something about the sand between your toes and the natural salt water that just seems to wash away all of your troubles! Pack your towel and your favorite book and go relax! 

Cost= $50*

*All costs are an estimation 

What are some of your favorite ways to de-stress?

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