Coach ChrisheenaLynne

They say, If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.LOL…Well, God was laughing quite a bit when I told my former supervisor, “I don’t know why I feel comfortable telling you this, but I don’t want to be a school counselor. I like kids and all, but I really want to be a nurse.”

A few years prior, I attended Neumann University with a degree concentration in Nursing and a minor in Psychology. It wasn’t easy, and I had to really work and study hard but when you have a passion and desire for something, you’ll do anything. My junior year came, and I was in my 2nd semester clinical rotation;Med-Surg, Psych and Maternity. Loving every second of it and doing well, so I thought. It was time for finals, so the library was packed, and I was right there preparing for each and every exam. Test day came, and grades came back quickly. Pass, Pass, Pass, Fail (BIG EYES), Fail (JAW DROP)! I couldn’t believe it! There must be a mistake. I know I could not have failed 2 nursing class. I ran over to the instructor’s and dean’s office to figure out what was going on. They confirmed my worst nightmare. I failed class one with a .5 and class two with a 1.5 (Head drop). There was no changing it, no makeups, nothing that could be done. If I wanted to graduate I had to turn my minor of Psychology into my major and finish with that. I loved Psychology but that wasn’t the plan. I guess they didn’t lie when they made a shirt that stated, “Neumann University: The Best 4 or 5 years of your life.”

Upon graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, my mom and dad stated that I had to go back to school or get a job. Well, the job came first, 3 months after graduation. I worked at a charter school as an assistant school counselor. For 2 years, I tried to find nursing schools to finish what I started and every time I tried something would go wrong. Lord….what is going on? I don’t understand! 

In the midst of being stubborn and not listening to the Spirit of God, I actually began to enjoy counseling children. I was actually kind of good and got better as the years progressed. My attitude began to change and eventually my heart. God was atwork! Looking back at my clinical experience and after I was done working with my patients, I was sitting in their rooms talking to them, allowing them to vent and getting upset when I had to leave and do something else. Not only that, my minor turned major was in Psychology! Go figure. God knew something all along!

After about two and half years of working, I went back to the same supervisor and stated I wanted to get my Masters as a School Counselor and perfect my craft and increase my knowledge. Two years after that conversation, I graduated from Wilmington University with a M.Ed in Elementary and Secondary School Counseling and got certified shortly after. Not only that, I received my Christian Life Coaching Certification a year later.  My office became packed with students on a regular basis and it was hard to get them to go back to class. Not only were students in my office but staff as well. I became the counselor that I didn’t have in school and it felt good; it felt fulfilling. In the midst of this fulfillment, I always wanted to do more. More than the school guidelines or administration would allow. I started my own Life Coaching business called, I SEE YOU where we help individuals find their purpose and live out their full God-Given potential by taking them through the butterfly process. But that’s not all, I also started I SEE YOU MENTORING; Mentoring high school and college aged youth through personal, social and academic development by letting them know, they have the Power of the Caterpillar within them! 

You see, God always has a Bigger Plan and a Purpose for each and every one of us. He states in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Yes, we all have plans of what we want to accomplish in life, but God’s will, most certainly will prevail! He’ll steer you back on the course He wants you to be on, so His purpose can be fulfilled on this earth! Even if things don’t go as planned, don’t stress, just Trust the Process! God has everything under control. He has the last say and the last laugh!

Photo is credited to Khalia Deborah of Khalia Deborah Coaching.
Social Media handles are…FB/IG/Twitter: @chrisheenalynne

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