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Take it Easy

Recently I took some time away from blogging and interacting with my followers for Leave inspired. I started a new job, again, and I needed to adjust to my new schedule. As well as the environment and the pace of the work that I’ll be doing. If you read the latest blog post that I’ve written, you all know that I do not adjust well. So it’s taking its time but I’m taking it easy.

Making the decision to take some time away helped me with a few things. For one, it felt so damn good to just pause parts of my life for a moment. I got the chance to fall in love with my brand again and think more concretely about how I wanted to move forward. I’ve gotten overwhelmed by ideas that hasn’t been produced yet and my mind just raced because of all the things that were going on around me.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that it’s a platform for inspiration and self-care. I want people to see my posts and feel better about their day, self, and get up moving with inspiration. So, in order to do that I have to practice self-care. Taking it easy and resting was organic this time around if I’m honest. I didn’t have to make myself slow down, it all came naturally.

The things that I learned during this resting period was simple: “recharge and refocus the mind.” We all need that sometimes; even our smart phones and gadgets that we use need to be turned off and on to operate effectively and have longevity. I’m curious, how do you rest and how often? Does you restart button have dust on it? Take some time each day to just pause your world, I promise you won’t miss a beat!

As always,

Leave Inspired 💡

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