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Fear Ain’t Nothing but the Devil! – Guest Blogger Jasmine Kazera

My name is Jasmine Kazera and I run a Travel/Lifestyle blog called Traveling Through Life With a Wine Glass Half Full. For me, traveling through life is a journey within itself. Life can sometimes get you down and you may encounter numerous stressful days. I believe it is all about perspective; keeping a positive attitude and open mind (seeing the glass half full rather than half empty) can really make a difference and help you through the toughest of times. One of the many things I pride myself on is being an optimistic person, so I’ve created this blog to help people get that same positive outlook on life and all it has to offer. I share Travel Tips, Stories and Inspiration all through a positive point a view.

Fear Ain’t Nothing but the Devil!

Starting my blog- 2 years

Planning and executing a major event- 3 years

Going back to school for a Master’s degree- 6 years

The above is just a snippet that shows how long it has taken me to do some of the things that I really love/am passionate about. I sat on the idea of starting a blog for 2 whole years before I finally took the leap to just do it! Then I have always had this idea of planning an event where I can bring like-minded women together to work together and network etc. and have been sitting on the planning process for years. When I first graduated from undergrad, I was unsure about which direction I wanted to go in as far as furthering my education, but eventually decided I wanted to get a Master’s degree…then it took me 6 years to enroll!

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One day I had to wake up and realize that fear was the driving factor that withheld me from chasing my dreams. Every time I would get close, doubt would enter my mind, excuses would flow, and fear would take over. It was frustrating, to say the least!

Why is it that we allow fear to rule our lives? I am not quite sure I know the answer to this question, but I do know that we should not allow it anymore! All it takes is making a decision. When it is time to start something, just do it! Fear Ain’t  Nothing but the Devil trying to hold us back Y’all! When I realized this, I knew I could not allow it for another second!

Here are some ways that I began to overcome fear:

  1. I did not want to leave this earth with any regrets
  2. I no longer wanted to finally start something then say “I wish I would have done this years ago”
  3. I realized time waits for no one!
  4. Stopped doubting myself, and believed in all of my abilities!
  5. Prayed before any new endeavor and kept faith throughout
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I am happy to say that now, all three things on that list are in motion! I started my blog in June 2018, began my Master’s degree in July 2018 and began planning for my event with some amazing women just a few weeks ago! *pats self on back and chants “get thee behind me Satan!”*

How has fear stood in the way of you accomplishing any of your goals? Do you still allow fear to get in the way? How do you overcome it? Let’s chat! Leave a comment below.

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