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Walking Away Got So Much Easier

Have you ever struggled with walking away from something in your life that didn’t serve you well? It may have been from the hostile environment of a job, miserable friendship or toxic relationship. You had enough evidence to show it to the door,but you just couldn’t walk away. I was that way too. It was literally the “want to be” cousin fear that kept me hanging around so long.

I noticed that fear really is the underlying factor to a lot of things that we struggle with in life. We think of something we want to do and the second thought is fear led. I’ve been working at this relationship I have with fear for quite some time now and I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere. Things started getting easier. Like I’d imagine walking away from something and didn’t think twice about it. I didn’t have any rushing heart beats in my chest -it was just a peaceful feeling.

I want to encourage you to envision what it would be like to just walk away. I don’t mean give up on like dreams and goals, but walking away from those negative things in your life so you can walk into what you deserve. We stay and prance around negativity so long that P•O•S•I•T•I•V•I•T•Y is a thing of non-existence. Life doesn’t have to be that way.

Do you really want to walk away and be free? What are you willing to do to see what it’s like to not be in bondage with fear and anxiety? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Walking Away Got So Much Easier”

  1. I really like this piece! It’s amazing when you take out time to self-reflect and find the underlying issues to your struggles are fear driven. Something I ended up utilizing was imagining who I truly wanted to be in the future. Like 5 years down the line, how strong would I be? How smart? How loving? How courageous? And that’s the picture I strive to be everyday. Thank you for sharing!!

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  2. I recently went through something like this where I felt that I was stuck in a place but in the end it was/is nothing but fear. Fear of stepping away for the comfort of something or someone. I unfortunately didn’t walk away willingly it was a situation that forced us apart and as of right now I’m not sure what will happen now but only time will tell. Thanks for this piece.

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