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Life Happens But We Keep On Rolling

Often times we search for the answers that aren’t hard to find. Everything in life isn’t a big mystery, we just tend to overlook what we don’t want to accept. Choosing to blog about my life and the things I’ve learned through fear, pain, and loss has taught me a few things about myself. Some of those things prompted me to step away from writing, zoning in on my internal thoughts and emotions, and taking more breaks.

Being someone who is always on the go, not just physically but mentally as well, isn’t always too fond of taking breaks in order to sharper the lenses on life. Often, I carry the “I got this” brand on my chest and there has been many days where that wasn’t the case. I didn’t have it together, and because I held closely to this long lasting cape on my back I didn’t want to slow myself down.

The one who helps others the most need that same help in return. As for me, I had to learn to ask for it. Opening up and informing those close to me that I need support was hard but in a weird way felt good, freeing! I had to admit that life in grad school was getting the best of me. Changing jobs and moving during this process was stressful and just too much to adjust to. I often felt stuck – I couldn’t really write about anything. My mind was like a cage and I didn’t really want to find a way out. It was like I was just sitting on top of everything that was going on and deciding what to do with it.

I will say with the help and support of others that has gone through this same season of life, I’m slowly getting the hang of the fact that life happens but I have to keep rolling. There’s nothing to be ashamed about and figuring out how to care for yourself is a journey. I’d say that best thing about all of this is that I choose to share my experience with others. I hope that you are able to learn from me and that something from this post can help you to keep rolling when life happens.

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