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What do you Need?

What do you need?

This is by far one difficult question that I cannot seem to answer on the fly. Lately, I was asked this question and literally froze. I was not prepared and although I wish that I was asked this often, I didn’t know what to say. It left me pondering for some time which caused me to search internally. I repeated, “Ty what do you need, don’t think of any perfect way to put it just say it aloud.” After mustering some strength to admit to myself what I needed, I spoke it out my mouth into existence.

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What a relief that was to find words that match what I’ve been feeling for what feels like my whole life. Often I feel like a recovery center for the wounded. Not that my help and the way I love is a bad thing, but its often not reciprocated. It feels like people come to me to get their next hit and then off they go until next time. What tends to happen is that I am drained, alone, and empty. I have not always found the courage to say what I needed, and it became easier for me to snatch and cut the ties that held those people to me. What I needed was to state that in this exchange there are needs that I have as well. Could that have saved me the time I spent damaged from what others took or didn’t give, I am not too sure. I believe that who is meant to be in my life is there and who isn’t is well..poof gone!

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Now I am asking you, what do you need? Have you mastered implementing this into your relationships. Do you think its no big deal?

P.S. Just getting out of a relationship or knowing its time to pack your bags and bounce? Check out this blog over at

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