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The Inside Job

The other night I was having a conversation about the healing process. I was speaking on my healing journey and how rewarding yet difficult it is. I realized that once you start, you can’t simply stop because with each level of success there is more to overcome. I might have mentioned before in another blog that I started seeking therapy back in 2017. It has been such a rewarding and exhausting experience. I overcame things that I thought would have taken me years in just the first 6 months; however, I am still trying to heal from things that happened a long time ago. Two years on this journey I have learned more about myself than I have the 25 years I’ve been alive. There is so much digging and art to be found on this journey which makes it all the more exciting but still exhausting.

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Often, I say that the inside job will always be truly mine because I am the CEO and employee. I give direction and take it because I am the one who dictates how it all goes. No one else is in charge of my healing but me. You ever worked somewhere and just always felt exhausted or that you was doing work that was not meaningful? I’m sure the answer is yes, but the inside job is like doing grave yard shifts and it never ends – unless you don’t want to break down generational curses and strongholds over your life or cut out the roots that keeps spilling poison in your life. I am for sure that you don’t want to continue to drown in your mess, or the mess that you didn’t create. Because let’s be honest, we are all healing from things that had nothing to do with us but we still got infected by the disease.

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So I want to know, have you started the healing journey yet? What’s your view on the inside job? Is it worth it or a waste of time? Let me know in the comments.



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6 thoughts on “The Inside Job”

  1. This is true we can take what others say but at the end of the day it’s an insude job of how we change what we need to change. Hmmm this post has me thinking something deep I need to write it out

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  2. Wow that is so true!! We can only heal until we are ready internally to heal and I agree that getting help and being able to take care of yourself is the way to go. Therapy can work wonders!


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  3. i am definitely on a strong spiritual healing journey. One important lesson on my journey is healing generational curses and releasing certain people, beliefs and negative energy.

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  4. Healing can be a long journey and the first step is wanting to and moving in that direction. In time, you will know what parts are worth persuing.

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