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Failure…Not What You’re Thinking

I was hoping the title would inspire you to click this post. I wanted to grasp your attention for a moment and talk about this ridiculously and annoying feeling – failure. I know there are times you have felt this, maybe more than you’ve wanted. You are not alone, I’ve been there too.

See, what I’m gonna discuss about failure has nothing to do with career goals going wrong but simply my personal life. For so long, I felt like I had straight As in the education and career realm; however, when it came to my personal life like the love and friendship aspect, I’ve felt like a failure. You may be wondering why and in what ways or if it’s even possible. Trust me, I didn’t think it was possible until I searched myself high and low.

The feeling of failure that I experienced in my personal life stemmed from weeding out the wrong people. Although I was on the right path with positioning my life with the right folks, it brought feelings of guilt and then failure. I’ve stated before that my personal life had one big F because I couldn’t seem to get it right. How was it that I kicked out the wrong people but felt worse or the same as if they were still around. It took what felt like forever for me to not feel guilty about my decisions. But somehow I still felt like I failed myself.

I guess I thought that instantly this feeling of relief would rush in and the right folks would come to save the day but nah that’s not how it went down. It took me a very long time, better yet, I’m still going through with it. Discerning who’s real and who’s not, who’s around to benefit and who simply just want to be a part of me with no hidden agendas. Today, my relationship with failure is dying. I’ve adopted a healthy mindset on how I look at that part of my life that had the shadows of a big fat F !

I realized that I had control all along to change that feeling. I didn’t have to look at my personal life as a failure anymore when I found justification for my decisions. When I started to trust myself more for what was best for me, I started to feel accomplished and confident. Once I began to walk in that light all of the fog that failure brought to me disappeared.

Feel like failure? Lets talk about it. How can we support you in getting out of this rut? Let me know in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Failure…Not What You’re Thinking”

  1. Failure use to get me down so many times a few years ago now I take failure as a learning experience. Learn from the failure and then do something to boost me up.

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