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They “Tripping”

What comes to mind when you hear the word, “tripping” or the saying they “Tripping”? Maybe someone did something that you did not approve of or acting in a way that makes them look odd. I don’t know what it means to you, but it definitely is something I hear often – and its not in regards to the examples I stated above. Unfortunately, I hear it the most with references to one’s mental state. It’s not ideal and I’ve been trying to find ways to minimize it from spreading.

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The difficult thing is , I actually grew up hearing this very saying. It was pertaining to the state of one’s mental health, and if they were not on their medication or having an episode, they were “tripping.” It wasn’t until I got to college that I understood more of what was happening and felt so ashamed that I even took part in saying it too. I think that this made me want to pursue mental health even the more. Constantly asking myself, how can I educate others and do away with this stigmatized slang? In what ways can I facilitate discussions on the importance of how sensitive mental health is and that it is a serious matter? I think that I will always have these questions but I am willing to put in the work to see some sort of change.

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I spent a lot of time being vulnerable in my blog posts about my journey on healing and I wanted to start talking more about mental health in different components. Like how mental health is viewed while paired with religion, culture, gender etc. My hope is that I can begin to bring awareness to mental health and maintain an advocate for helping others along their journey as well. I don’t make the priority to say this often, but thank you for reading my posts – especially those who read every single blog posts.

5 thoughts on “They “Tripping””

  1. I must be old because when l hear tripping, I think of a trip, a la Beatles song. I guess times have changed. Mental health is paramount to a good life and l applaud you for facing things head on.

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  2. Normally when we hear the word trippin’, it’s more you buggin’ or flipping out for no reason. I’ve never thought of it as one’s mental health. Glad you’re bringing awareness to it.

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