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Support from Strangers and Not A1s

Hey Inspirer’s !

I’m back from a little hiatus of writing. I used to feel so bad about it, but then I remembered that rest is needed and I know for sure I cannot write my best if my brain is clouded. I’ve been up to some… well, struggles to be honest. Y’all know that I am candid about my life, this mental health journey, and the lessons that I’m learning along the way.  So we are for sure gonna dig into some of that today. I hope that you have been enjoying my content so far. I do have various readers throughout the months but I hope that you leave feeling inspired… because that is the point here.

So, I wanted to talk about the support that we get from people that we don’t necessarily know or maybe we don’t yet have an established relationship with. You know, the girl who likes all of your photos on IG and comments “yassssss” to everything. I’m sure we all have these type of people in our lives, and in some form or another they have been more supportive than those who we actually have given a title and invested into. Maybe you can think back to a time when you were serious about something. Maybe you was having a bad day and really needed an encouraging message, or you had an idea about a potential business to start and no one would really listen to you but a stranger. Have you ever thought about why that happens? I know I have. It’s sad because I am in about 50 groups on facebook, and I feel like all the women that I have connected to really have my back. I had to ask myself, “what about where I’m from and the people who hit me up when they feel like it, where are those people at?” Girl… I’m still wondering.

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Honestly, it made me do a reality check. I had to look at myself and think about who I am surrounded by and who I want to be surrounded by. I look at so many people who have friends from their childhood, middle school and even college whom they are all still close to and I’m just like wow, I wish I really had that. During those years, I had to endure people fighting others over a friendship with me, people only being connected to me because of the resources I had, and others just simply wanted to stick around for whatever way I would make a “come up” so that they can benefit. That sh*t got old and tired quick!

Now, I am embracing support from strangers and not my A1’s. It actually feels good to have newness around. Their support has really taught me a lot about sisterhood, believing in myself, and having faith. It is pretty cool to say that I have friends from all over, even though they’re virtual, it doesn’t change the effect that their support has on me. So what about you? Have you encountered this as well? Let me know in the comments, I am always looking to chat about these sorts of things.

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16 thoughts on “Support from Strangers and Not A1s”

  1. This is the story of my life. I have had strangers buy from me and my own people won’t. They won’t even share a post or anything but if I put up some nonsense…chile don’t get me started

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    1. Kita, I’m so happy to know that others have gone through this. It’s really sad that those close to us do not support us. My only hope is that it gets better, but I’m gonna keep rocking with whoever is there for me.


  2. Yep, it holds true for me too. You’d be surprised who you may connect with that falls under the strangers category that have come thru !

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  3. This is honestly so true- I have a couple of huge supporters in life that I definitely wouldn’t consider my inner circle. There’s a girl I went to high school with for one year who I connected with over social media, and though we haven’t seen each other in over ten years, we’ve been so excited for each other about major life events! I’ll even refer to her to my partner as “you know my friend so-and-so..” and he knows exactly who I am talking about!

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  4. This is a sad truth. When you first create your blog, you expect your biggest supporters to be your friends, and yeah, they support it or “read” it, but they don’t hype you up as much as your followers and/or internet friends do.

    My closest friends don’t even read my blog (but liked my FB page and such), but people I have just met and my followers like, comment, and share my posts.

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  5. Unfortunately this is so more common than not for too many of us. This is the reason I am very selective with friends and do not mind keeping my circle small and tight. It doesn’t mean that they are perfect because they are not, but I am able to communicative peaceful when I feel as though I’ve been slighted and I give them an opportunity to respond. Sometimes the support improves and sometimes not, either way I keep it moving forward with the positive supporters.

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  6. You’de be surprised at how much you can get from someone you’ve never really met. Some of the best support and encouragement have come from people online.

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  7. I don’t expect my family and friends to support me. If they do great, but my feelings aren’t hurt if they don’t. A lot of times our family and friends ONLY see us as the person they have always known. Now the famous, or popular person that now does this. I have built an amazing community online and offline and I appreciate them both just the same.

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  8. This is so true I have experienced something similar. I just go hard for those that go hard for me I also don’t want a family & friends business they’re not always my audience and I don’t expect them to understand.

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