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Hey Inspirers!

I hope that you enjoyed your summer and preparing for fall, which is my favorite season! I did not celebrate this as much as I desired to, but Leave Inspired Blog turned one in August. I would say that I was more consistent this year than I was in any other, which is HUUUUGGGEE. I have enjoyed my time sharing my life with you guys, being transparent, and keeping the content authentic. It is my hope to continue to provide this for you all. Now, on to the topic for the day – Sisterhood.

Sisterhood has always been important to me. For the first 9 years of my life, I was the only child until my litter sister came along. I became not only her favorite big sister, but first friend and confidant. Being the oldest is extremely hard, because you are the queen of trial and error. There’s no one else around to help you navigate on the sibling level, haha. But, I must say I did alright; however, still feel like I long for a sisterhood. As a teen, I played sports which helped me to be connected but it still didn’t feel like I found what I was looking for. I went to college looking for it and didn’t have any luck there either.

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I remember feeling low because I was not a part of a sorority and I didn’t grow up having a best friend since I was 5 years old until adulthood. My friendships have always changed. We all went different ways or outgrew one another. As life went on, and I realized that I sort of just had friends here and there, I realized that I still wanted it. I still wanted to be a part of a sisterhood or have 1-3 core girlfriends that I knew had my back. What inspired me to write this post is two things: a Steve Harvey clip about friendships and my newly created facebook group called Goal Girlfriends: Navigating Our 20s.

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Steve Harvey had a short clip about how you know when someone is your friend. In conversation, Steve stated, to call the person you consider your friend and tell them that your car broke down and you’ll need a ride back and forth to work for about four days and see what they say – it was something along those lines. Basically whatever answer you get from that person, will show you if they are your friend or not. It made me think, like who can I call on besides my boyfriend to do something like that for me. I looked over my fake mountains and came up with no one (insert painful emoji). So, instead of basking in those low emotions, I decided to create a group for other women who probably feel the same as I do. I created Goal Girlfriends: Navigating Our 20s for millennial women who have goals and would love a bestie along for the ride. Maybe they share the same goals or just simply need an accountability partner. I want this to be a space for women to have healthy and real conversations about sisterhood and to help one another get over fears and feel confident.

I’ll be sure to report back to you all about the progress of the group and if I found my 1-3 core girlfriends, or finally finding my sisterhood. I am optimistic, because why not be –  I’m still young, introverted, but still young!

If you fit this criteria and feel inspired after reading my post, please come and join me over at  Goal Girlfriends: Navigating Our 20s. Thank you for reading and let me know if you’ve experienced this or if its still current issue.

As always,

Leave Inspired.

22 thoughts on “Sisterhood”

  1. Definitely experienced this. Unfortunately you’re lucky if you have any friends from being a kid. People in your life are like seasons; they come and go. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone though, it’s about if they’re bringing joy and value to your life. Your group is a great idea. Hope it goes well!

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  2. That sounds great. I have friends in different places, so they wouldn’t even be able to do give me the answer I would want for that question. Finding great friends isn’t all that easy. Very nice you put the group together. I am in my 30s and I feel all of this!

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  3. I know how you feel. However, it’s true that as time moves on, people will move in and out of your life as you navigate your 20s, 30s, and so on… I’m sure you will find your tribe, your support system of girlfriends. I love that you’ve created a whole group, so you have a great start!

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  4. Hi Sheira, sisterhood is definitely important. In my experience. It’s something that is built over time with women who share your values. In my 20s I spent too much time with other women who liked to party like I did at the time–none of those women are in my life today. If you focus on the person you want to be, you’ll find the women you want to be with. Best of luck!

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  5. Yes it’s hard cultivating and sustaining friendships. It just doesn’t seem to be a priority for many folks and fair enough we all have lots on our plates but we make time for what we deem important, so if friendships are one treat it as such. Some friendships fade with the season and others last the test of time. Those I try to hang on to. I am open to creating new friendships but I don’t count on it as I know true friendships are hard to come by.

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  6. Loved this!! I really do hope you find your core. I’ve had the same bffs since kindergarten and literally we’re like sisters now lol! They keep me in check more than the standard friends lol love it! Keep us updated love😘😘

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  7. I can relate to this! Such a beautiful post! And sisterhood is definitely important! I was wondering if you could checkout my new piece on living in a hierarchical patriarchal structure where slut shaming still exists. And I would really appreciate it if you could comment some feedback to improve the writing style. Looking forward to hearing from you. – Kiran


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