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I Need Equality

Hi Inspirers!

I know you may have seen this title and wondered what could come of this post. Well, I’m here to talk about equality... yup you read right. But not in the way you normally think or hear about , but in all things relationships/friendships . I took inventory of all my relationships/friendships I have encountered and I noticed something, nothing was equal across the board.

I realized that the way I was treating folks wasn’t making its way around to me. I learned that I am giver without hesitation and that I’ll support you even if every door was slammed on your Ideas. But when I thought about who had me like that, there was no one that came to mind, besides God. I needed this to change because it was making me feel like something was wrong with me, like I was hard to love and support. When I realized that it wasn’t me and that it was just a reflection of the other person, I decided that I needed to change.

I made up in my mind that if I am no longer receiving what I put out, I don’t want it. If I catch myself having to state what’s missing more than once, I don’t want it. If I feel like I’m getting the end of the stick and the leftovers of someone’s efforts, I don’t want it. This has truly been an eye opener for me. It taught me about love in a different way. Not love in a romantic sense, but loving myself to know I deserve better.

We stay stuck in what we’re use to. What we allow conditions others on how to treat us, and if we don’t have love of self or boundaries, there’s a high possibility that equality isn’t present either. I’m not in a pessimistic state regarding this life lesson, I’m actually happy that this has happened. I’m optimistic that what I embody I will attract. So there’s no reason to stop doing what I do, I just need to do it for the right relationships/friendships.

That’s all folks! I hope you was inspired by this post and hopefully it helps you to think twice about your investments in others as well. Are they treating you right? Take inventory inspirers.

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2 thoughts on “I Need Equality”

  1. I really enjoyed this! Coincidentally I recently scheduled a short blog to post regarding if it is it okay to take space from friends. I think some of us get involved in friendships or relationships and feel guilty “bailing out” or pulling back, but sometimes it’s healthy and needed. I def feel you on this blog. Thanks!

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