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Lack of Confidence – Part 2

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Welcome back to my blog and cheers to part 2 of this confidence series. Well… not so much of a series, but you get the picture. If you read part one, you know I talked about my lack of confidence when it came down to writing. What I want to share today is the lack of confidence I had in my career. As a Social Worker, I learned that having confidence is key. We help so many people and a lot of times we are looked upon to bring relief and solve the problems of the world (literally… the WHOLE world).

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Learning the importance of confidence came with a new job that I started at the beginning of the new year. I would not say it came easy breezy; instead, it came abruptly! I lacked confidence in my ability to clinically assess crises and to document them properly. All sorts of things ran through my mind: “you’re not good enough”, “why did you choose this career,” “you’ll never understand how this works,” “see its too difficult, you should have stayed where you were.” As you can see, those were negative thought patterns that I had when I evaluated my performance and compared myself to others.

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You may ask, “how did you overcome it all?” I had to practice. Not only did I have to practice case vignettes, but I had to practice positive self-talk. It was my duty and responsibility every day before my shift to speak kindly to myself. I had to take charge of what I was feeding my mind because I needed it, and needed it badly. I could not depend on my supervisor to do it for me or my co-workers to affirm me with a job well done, it started with me, looking myself in the mirror, and saying Queen you got this! You are capable of doing this job. This was meant for you and don’t you think otherwise. Today, I walk boldly to work, I am assisted my peers with being confident and now able to write to you all about it.

When was a time you lacked confidence? What did you do about it?   Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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1 thought on “Lack of Confidence – Part 2”

  1. Hello,
    I lack confidence in the way that I express myself. I use to worry that my accent will escape as I speak and interfere with my communication. I had a late start with perfecting the English language.
    Being a girl from the city, back then, proper grammar was not enforced. What made it was worst was utilizing a word in college that clearly was not a part of the English, but more so my native language, The professor had the audacity to respond, college is not for everyone. I struggle up to this day with this English language.


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