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Your Inner Voice

Hey Inspirers!

I am hoping you all are doing well – taking deep breaths and enjoying life to the fullest. Currently, I am on break from school, and its feels amazing! These past few years have been trying and I’ve been tired to say the least. I’m looking forward to sharing more of my life with you all and giving you plenty of good content to read.

Today, I want to talk about that inner voice of yours… you know the one you consult with before deciding on those new pairs of shoes… or if you should flake on a hangout to go home and watch movies.

What’s your relationship with your inner voice? Have you had positive or negative experiences with it? I like to consider my inner voice in connection with intuition. I may have stated in previous posts how intuitive I am and I think it’s the greatest thing – it literally has been a compass for me helping to navigate through the complexities of life and what to do about them. But I know from working with individuals and families in my field, and those that I encounter daily, that the inner voice can be sometimes hard to discover. This is due to simply having too much shifting around on our insides. In which I am passionate about helping individuals clear out all of the guuuuuck!

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I like to believe that how we take care of ourselves on the inside, helps us to develop a better level of trust within ourselves. This then helps us to hear our inner voice, whose connected to our deepest desires. Have you ever experienced what happens when you don’t listen to your inner voice? Have you missed out on an opportunity because of it? I know I have! There were times I truly didn’t listen to my inner voice and I felt pretty lost without it. When I stared to take better care of my inside, I was able to feel/hear it clearer. Taking care of the inside looks like clearing out toxic emotions and connections, speaking positive words to my body, and eating foods that makes me feel good. All of that has helped me to be less turbulent, more assertive and best buds with my inner voice.

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So what about you? Do you think you’ll give a chance? You know, engaging with your inner voice and cleaning up shop (your inside) to hear/feel it clearer? Let me know your thoughts below!

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1 thought on “Your Inner Voice”

  1. Great topic. I do agree that we should be aligned in all aspect mind, body and soul which have an impact and relationship with your inner voice. I frequently listen to my inner voice and it usually guides me in the right direction. But I do know that distractions or experiences affect your relationship with your inner voice causing mistrust, where you question yourself.

    When you have a good relationship with your inner voice it usually leads you in the right direction. Having a discerning spirit to understand/recognize your inner voice is absolutely important to protect yourself and making life decisions.

    As for those shoes my inner voice tells me that I don’t need them but …….that’s where we are going to disagree even if I know she’s right. I will just deal with the consequences.


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