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The Misfits

Hey Inspirers!

I am excited to have you here and hope that you enjoy today’s read! Something to look forward to, Leave Inspired will be expanding, yes EXPANDING! I will be launching my life coaching program in the new year, incorporating guest bloggers, and planning one of my first retreats for millennial women… yikes that sounds like a lot, but I am willing to put the work in for it. But enough about that, lets get into this “Misfit” thing.

If you are an active reader of mine, you know that a lot of my posts are about my life and I am transparent like glass.. get it, since you can see through glass..haha any who, something that I wanted to discuss today is feeling like a Misfit. I am highly self-aware and take great pride in it because it helps me to cultivate a healthy relationship with myself and others. I know what I need to sharpen or require of others as we are exchanging investments in our relationships; however, I could not seem to get over this overshadowing feeling I’ve felt probably all of my life. The “Misfit” feeling. According to google, “a misfit is a person whose behaviors or attitude sets them apart from others in an uncomfortably conspicuous way.” This sums up exactly how I am feeling these days.

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Recently, it hit me that I just do not fit in with most and that its a select few of individuals that actually understand me. So that helps me not to feel too crazy about it but still, I was left wondering am I the only one? I would say the challenging part is being around others your age but feeling like you are not equivalent to this same “number or generation shared.” I’ve always found myself sticking out because of the way I carried myself, lived experiences, and perspective on life. Which isn’t at all a bad thing, but when you are trying to be “down” it can seem like it isn’t the “down” thing to be. I think a lot of us need to be honest and state that we still try to find ways to “fit in” even as adults. Navigating the 20’s and adulthood period is just ubbbbeeerrrr hard!

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We are still trying to find our way, and it feels good to be around others who are doing the same. When most meet me, I don’t fit exactly all that I possess. For example, some may say wow you seem olderI’m 25. You have it all togetherwell i’m trying to do this adult thing and follow my dreams, but I am still met with difficulties.. You’re an old soulyes, I tend to like music from older generations and I am full of wisdom thanks to my lived experiences. You can be hard to get to knowI am a mystery but I love diving into MEANINGFUL conversations, I am not one to do small talk. So that’s some of the things I come across when engaging with others. Not that any of my characteristics are bad, its just not really trendy I guess? Of course I am going to continue living my life as I should, but being a “misfit” isn’t that much fun. You really have to build tough skin to endure.

What about you? Have an experience with being a misfit in your life? Share with us below in the comments.

As always,

Leave Inspired.

4 thoughts on “The Misfits”

  1. I’ve always felt like it was important to distinguish yourself from the crowd and stand out so if I’m labeled a misfit at least that way I know I’m doing something right.


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