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The Beginning isn’t Easy

Hey there Inspirers, Happy New Year!

I am hoping you all got off on the right footing for the new year and remain excited for what’s to come. As far as Leave Inspired, we will be having guest bloggers throughout the year and they are all coming with good content. I wanted to start the year off with a post related to beginnings. I know that for most of us the beginning of anything isn’t always easy and I want to share my experience with something recently.

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As I have stated in a prior post, I started a life coaching business. I received my life coaching certificate in the summer of 2017 but was unable to do anything lucrative because I worked full-time and started my graduate school career. Now that I am in my last year of graduate school, I felt that it was time to start putting my life certificate to use to inspire others, and let’s be real work my skills as a side hustle. It was a long journey because I needed help getting the business side of it started. I completed tons of discovery calls and found some business coaches that had a lot going on; however, I did not have the funds to receive the help.

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I was blessed to come across a mentor who took me under her wings and has been such a great example for me. Now that I have been connected to her, I was able to launch my coaching business. But… it has been hard getting clients. I will say that I only launched like the end of last month up until now. I say that because I started putting things out about it on Instagram and Twitter since I am doing free sessions for the entire month. It has been quite difficult if I am honest. As I am promoting the free 90 min coaching intensive sessions its getting discouraging not having anyone take advantage of them. So far, I only had one person who met with me for 90 mins via Zoom to discuss her goals and roadblocks that she was facing regarding being a content creative.

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Helping African American women in their 20’s build self-esteem, identify their purpose, and learn life skills is what I feel called to do. The beginning of all of this is so hard. I am constantly wondering where I will get clients from and if I am marketing it correctly. Although I have help, it just don’t feel like enough or maybe I am not being patient. I don’t want to give up on this calling and gift, but the beginning isn’t easy.

Do you have a similar experience or have felt this way before? If so, let me know in the comments, i’d love to know I am not alone.

As always,

Leave Inspired.

2 thoughts on “The Beginning isn’t Easy”

  1. Tysheira,
    You are not alone. I feel the same with my business with I have a lot to offer yet the struggle is real to get clients to invest in my services. For my business, 2020 is the building year to network, create curriculums, and facilitate at a conference (hopefully). I choose to believe that in due time it will all come together. Someone reminded me the other day that sometimes you experience darkness before the light.

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    1. Tanaisha, thank you for responding. I’m glad to know someone understand how I’m feeling starting out as a business owner. I know I have great things to offer because I do it so naturally but it just seems so hard to get it going. I’m waiting for the light to shine through ✨


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