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Welcome to 2020 – Guest Blogger Chemyeeka Tumblin

Meet Chemyeeka Tumblin



My name is Chemyeeka Tumblin. I began blogging as a way to document my growth, a reminder that no matter what life threw at me my voice could not be silenced and I was stronger than I was lead to believe. I am a Public Health professional working in Maternal Child Health, a Mental Health Professional who advocates for relationships and families, as well as, lover of books, great conversations and good food. I am thrilled to share with you all my experiences and knowledge around relationships/friendships and mental health. I have a passion for sharing the importance of healthy relationships and the benefits to creating or fostering these relationships. I hope you all enjoy what’s to come and take away steps you can use in your everyday life, as well as, to ensure that your 2020 begins surrounded by nurturing relationships.

Welcome to 2020! This is the year we don’t just speak about becoming our best selves we DO IT!

We’ve all been told, “You are the company you keep.” In so many ways this is true. The people around us influence our world views, impact our lives through the experiences we share and in many ways aid in determining the trajectory of our life path. The people around us help mold us in ways that sometimes are loud and apparent, then at other times, soft and unnoticeable. When you think about where you are right now who can you directly linked to some open doors, unmeasurable connections and unforgettable experiences?
When it comes to determining friends, significant others, as well as, acquaintances try using the following:
1. What influence does this person already have?

The people we are connected to shape the influence we carry as well. If the people in your life are not changing lives for the better (sometimes the life they are changing is theirs), creating positive change within their community, career, or home can you say they are helping you to become a better you? Is this person aiding in building you or draining you?

2. Who does this person look up to?

This one may be difficult. When I say who do they look up to I am referencing who do they seek to shape their life after? Who in their world is most influential to them? Would you want that person influencing you? Would you model some of your life after any parts of theirs?

3. How has this person changed your life already?
If this person is considered of importance to you there is a reason. What is it? Did they aid you in getting to where you are? Do they check in on you and show up for you in ways that benefit you? Now the tough part. Is this person of importance to you because of shared trauma? Do you feel you owe this person because of something they did for you in the past?
The first step to building healthy relationships and creating a healthier self is evaluating the people in our lives and how they help shape us. When creating healthier versions of ourselves, both mentally and physically, the people in our lives can either be a catalyst for great change or the biggest barrier. In the coming blog post we will talk more about the significance in relationships to our overall health, as well as, more identifying ways to begin creating change now.

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