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End of My MSW Journey…What’s Life Gonna Be Like?

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As some of you know, I am currently in my last year of graduate school. It has been such a long journey. I started in the summer of 2017 while working full-time. If you don’t know much about MSW programs, I hope you leave with this… IT IS A SACRIFICE!. I was not aware of how much tears , sweat, and tears that would go into this journey. But it has honestly been the best decision I’ve made. The amount of growth that I’ve undergone has shown how much strength I possess and one thing is for sure, I know how to remain disciplined.

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I say that because my program is part-time and online, which was best for me as a full-time employee and staying mentally healthy. During this journey, I switched jobs and moved twice, whew! It was a lot of transitions but it showed me how to adapt and think on my feet. You may wonder, where this MSW will take me… shoots, I am wondering that too. Wondering, not worrying because I know that many doors will open for me once I am finished. When you know that you are called to do something, you need to jump at any opportunity that will allow you to showcase your calling. That is what this MSW journey done for me.

I received my BA in psychology and I used to clown the Social Work profession. I held psychology up to the highest standards and everything else was beneath it…so I thought. I wouldn’t say that I always knew Social Work was for me, but it was always around me; eventually drawing me closer and closer to being involved. I’ll do another post about how this profession was brought to my attention at a later time. For now, I am on a quest to determine what life will be like once I graduate.

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I have my own ideas in mind. Some including changing jobs yet again to do work that fits my interest and with a better work environment and schedule. Testing and passing my LSW examination so that I can do therapeutic work in clinical settings and immediately beginning the process to become a LCSW. Currently, I am operating my life coaching business for young adults so I am waiting for that to increase in awareness. This all sounds pretty good right? I think so, but the most important aspect of my mindset regarding all of this is that I will remain optimistic and open for what opportunities present itself in my life.

So, I am imagining that life will feel a bit less stressful but filled with more exciting ideas that I can take on since my schedule will be more open (yes, I am claiming that I will have a better job and schedule). I will be working on still being a full-time employee but part-time entrepreneur. The end is near and I am exciting for what’s to come.

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