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Welcome Back You All!

This message is a continuation of the previous and brings light to another important step in building healthy relationships. It’s not always the people around you who influence the choices you make. Sometimes, they are simply serving as a reflection of your own thoughts and actions. YOU are the influencer. It’s 2020 and you have 2020 vision, so you probably saw that coming. If you didn’t, hopefully, it’ll stick now that you’ve seen it, read it, and either heard the words out loud or internally as you read this quietly to yourself.

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The people around you are like a board of advisers. If you remember, in the previous post I gave steps to aid you in evaluating who they were, why they were in your circle, and if they needed to stay. If they are advising you they need to be people you can actually hear from, as well as, see and take in what they model. They must also be willing to see you at your most authentic self and accept you, correct you when needed, and guide you to a higher source when life throws situations at you that no man knows how to handle.

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Even the wealthiest, most successful and most popular companies have well thought out, organized and strategically placed individuals on their boards. The key however, is the CEO, you in this case. You see your board can be as well put together as the disciples but if you are not affirmed in who you are or willing seek wise counsel when needed you’ll become your own Judas. (Gasp I know) Self-Sabotage is thing. It shows up in our actions, when we choose to be active listeners and when we choose to make choices we are unsure if we are even capable of handling the consequences that come along with them.


Self-Check Time (homework):

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If you were your friend and down to your last would you call you for help? Be honest. If you would, is that because you’re always the one everyone turns to or because you have secure boundaries and your friends know even if you say no, you are still able and willing, to give them other options?


Grab a journal and write it out. Feel free to leave a comment or send a message in response. The next post I will speak on how the answer to that question not only says a lot about who you are but also the company you keep. We will also take a dive into how this leads to setting and affirming boundaries. No New Year New You, just a re-frame on how to be the best you while uplifting others along the way.

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