Meet Guest Blogger Lexi Jay

Meet Lexi Jay


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Hello there! I’m Lexi Jay also known as The Lifestyle Bae on social media. I’m a nurse consultant leaving my mark on corporate America and delving into additional passions on the side. I run a successful career coaching business in addition to my 9-5. I love when people make the decision to invest in themselves with a career coach. My goal is for everyone to achieve better positions and higher salaries across all industries. Growing up I always knew I would make excellent money in whatever profession I selected and navigate my career to reflect that. Over the years, family and friends would come to me with career issues and within no time I showcased tactics to own their craft and win! How to handle situations with colleagues, managers, or obtain 15-45% salary increases. I want to see this for all of us as there is no reason to work daily and not make what you’re worth!


My childhood wasn’t traditional and church was attended on Easter at best. We believed but never lived the biblical principals. When I became an adult I didn’t understand faith and became agnostic for years. Being a millennial I dabbled in many new aged practices and walked a very fine line almost crossing over into black magic. Thankfully I was pulled from darkness and into the light. Since then I have seen faith up close and personal in my life and others.


When looking at a the Hebrew Greek breakdown of the word faith it states trusting too little and lacking confidence in Christ. As a blood born believer who knows Calvary was for us there shouldn’t be any lack of trust because what is for you, will be for you. God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. When we surrender to Him, faith fills us from the Holy Spirit. As your faith increases shifts occur because faith pushes you to do your part and work. Blessings, abundance and increase begin to flow as a result! Just thinking about my faith makes me want to shout and praise. I love to tell my testimony because I know many lack faith for various reasons and hope by reading a piece of my story, someone can give God a chance. If that person has left God, perhaps they will give Him another. Hebrews 11:1 states “Now faith is confidence in what ewe hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Will you come walk in faith with me? I hope you do. I believe in you and love you.


Peace & Blessings


Twitter: TheLifestyleBae

Website: thelifestylebae.com

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