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Protecting Your Mental Health – Guest Blogger Signé

Hello and Thank You to all who have stopped by to read my blog topic this week on “Mental Health.” This topic has always been around, but I feel that recently the community has become more aware of it, including myself. I wanted to share some pointers from my perspective on ways you can “Protect Your Mental Health.” So, what I have done is separated the topic into 4 parts and I am looking forward to you all coming back.


Self-Care is something that a lot of us tend to forget to do. If we don’t take care of ourselves first, then how can we support or be there for others? No human can pour out from an empty cup. YES, some who do not understand will call this a selfish act but NO, this is not selfish at all. Self-Care is a Priority and not a Luxury. We are always there and doing for others but forget that “WE” matter just as much. Believe me when I say, all of what I am sharing is coming from my personal experience and when I discovered how to cope with protecting my mental it felt amazing!! Love on yourself more and follow some of my favorite Self Care tips below to help you Protect Your Mental as well:

*Read a good book.

*Keep a journal for what you may be feeling.

*Pray daily and/or Meditate.

*Take yourself on a date.

*Have a spa day.

*Exercise or take a short/long walk outside.

*Come up with your own affirmations that you tell yourself daily for motivation.

*Enjoy a good movie and relax.

*Listen to some music after a nice hot shower or bath.

Enjoy my loves and thank you for your time!


Your Blogger Signé💋


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