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Steps to a Better Me – Guest Blogger Chemyeeka

It’s Me Again…

SO now you have taken the time to assess who you are in your circle. For some that activity may have been very heart-wrenching and for others it was very simple. For this write-up I am going to break down a few steps for being a better you, me, that friend, or whichever relationship you have been thinking of when reading the prior post.

Step 1. Set Boundaries

It truly doesn’t matter if you are the friend people can depend on or the one they can’t. Those who are used and those who are users both lack respectable boundaries. They either don’t hold firm to the ones they have or they lack boundaries in ways that are shown as they disrespect other’s. Setting boundaries allows for you to ensure even while being a giving person you are not drained in the process.

Step 2. Be Honest

Be honest with yourself. You can’t confront others about how you feel if you are not honest with yourself. This may seem a bit bias but here is where speaking with your counselor, therapist or outside 3rd party will be beneficial. This person can assist you in processing your emotions without holding any beneficiary emotions. You will not only learn why you respond to certain situations the way do but also learn who you are, truly. The version of you that you want to be not that others have come to expect.

Step 3. Hold Conversations

This step may seem confusing. The conversation(s) are for you and the individuals with which you trust and spend the most time with. These are the individuals you may find setting and keeping boundaries with the most difficult. They are also the ones that up till now “know you”. These individuals will often notice the change first and also depending on how much time you spend together, will be the ones to question you.

I hope this read was short enough that you now have time left on whatever break you’re on to begin going through the steps for yourself. The next write-up will help you understand why defining yourself and those around you is important for not only your life but your health as well.

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