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Obedience – Guest Blogger Lexi


Obedience is defined as: a compliance with an order, request, or law of submission to another’s authority.

Romans 6:16 Do you not know that when you offer yourselves to someone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one you obey–whether you are slaves to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience, which leads to righteousness?”


How many of us hear the word obedience and cringe because it stirs negative feelings of submitting to something or someone we rather not? We obey laws at home, at work and in relationships. Personally, being obedient to healthy eating and exercising is a struggle at times. So, how obedient are you to your walk with Christ? Only on Sunday’s? Monday – Wednesday? At church only? Think about it. While we are under His grace, that is not a free pass to do whatever we want. The antonym of obedience is rebellion. As Christians, rebellion should be a word you’re familiar with. At some point in our walk with Christ a realization has to be made. You are either going to submit to being obedient to His ways or face the consequences of rebellion. I have come to find life is more enjoyable when I obey the commands of God.


I found myself in a situation professionally where I had to comply with a boss who didn’t want to promote me because they could lean on me for a lot of duties. Now I was freshly saved and still had my pop off meter nearby. When I was sent work I knew wasn’t mine to complete I would feel the heat rising in my soul ready to attack. Within moments I would be convicted and heard God’s words to me “stop, don’t engage, answer with grace!” HUH? BUT WHY? I would sit in my office and pour out all my feelings to God. Thinking I would change His response! I soon found out, He said what He said and I was either going to obey or reap the consequences for actively going against His words. He won and I didn’t respond outside of the parameters given to me. This went on for over a year. Around halfway through this season it became easier to not rise to the occasion when I received an email to do someone else’s work. Also around this time I begin to pray and fast for the promotion I wanted. Submitting to His will be done. Would I stay or leave, give me the answer and I will do as you instruct. Now I loved my job! I enjoyed everything about it including my boss as the pros outweighed the cons. I was really hoping the answer was the promotion is coming.


I wasn’t actively looking for a new job. I believe in keeping my eyes open for new opportunities leisurely but didn’t feel the need to apply for anything. I stumbled upon a position that peaked my interest. Now unsaved me would have went ahead and applied right then. Saved me took it to prayer and when I got the green light, applied.


Let me tell you, when it is God nobody can stop His plans! Within three days I had the initial phone screen, second interview within a week and final interview a week after. During the entire process I had peace beyond measure. I didn’t worry about when I would hear, would they offer, please call now, etc. At exactly the month mark I had an offer for the position! It would expand my capabilities, make me a director and increase my salary substantially! I got on my face and thanked God for it all! I thought about the previous year and how when He told me to go I did! When He said to sow x amount I did! When He told me to stay the course I did! When He told me to wake up an hour earlier to spend time with Him I did! And I continue to do what he says to stay obedient. I love our Heavenly Father and have a healthy respectable fear of Him. Are there times when I don’t want to obey? Sure, I am human and flawed. Then I remember how He found me, and welcomed me without hesitation! My obedience is a small price to pay for the One who paid for it all for me. Praise His name!

Peace & Blessings


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