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Navigating the 20s

Hey Inspirers!

So it’s been a couple of posts ago that you haven’t heard from me, my lovely guest bloggers were holding it down. But, I am back and ready to give my voice. So I hope you all enjoy. Oh wait… I almost forgot to give an update. I finally launched my life coaching business – I feel like I stated this before but its official now. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am happy to serve others and help women just like me get ahead in life, but I am not sure how that will happen or where all of my clients will come from. I am just going to keep showing up and be consistent. I will be documenting my journeying to being a part-time entrepreneur because it is not easy,  and I am transparent so I want others to know the truth behind the process – that will be documented in posts to come.

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Today, I wanted to chat about navigating the 20s. Now, I know that I have a wide age range of an audience so this will resonate with just about all of you. Navigating the 20s has been exhausting! I won’t even lie and say its been a bliss, it really has not. I feel like I have been in transition since 2014. If you have been a reader of mine for a while, you know in the beginning of my blogging days, I talked about my lack of adjustment skills – they aren’t the greatest. But for the difficulty that comes with navigating my 20s, I won’t blame my adjustment skills because simply I believe that this is what comes with adulthood.

The 20s is such an awkward time of adulthood. You are grown, but don’t feel quite grown yet. At some point you acquired a lot of damn bills and then you are just like what happened to not having any of this. This time comes in like a rushing wave and the next thing you know you’re 30! Everyone is on different levels and this makes it hard to keep a social circle. Some will tell you to live it up and others will say prepare to settle down. If you don’t stand for something during this time, you’ll fall for anything. At least, that has been my experience. Keeping your head above water while juggling work, graduate school, relationships, family, or any other thing that has your attention is enough to make you want to scream and run. It’s just all too much at times.

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To help me combat a lot of what I was struggling with, I started investing in my personal development. I obtained mentors, investing my time with others who were where I wanted to be in life, spent less time watching garbage t.v and more TED talks, and focused on what I am learning and how I can help others do the same. Now, I understand that everyone is not in this place at any point of their 20s… maybe a select few; however, it takes some time to gain the wisdom to know how to navigate around all that comes with being a 20-something year old.

Don’t worry, more to come on this topic. In the mean time, keep up with me over on Instagram at @leaveinspired. Also, let me know in the comments what helps/helped you navigate your 20s.

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