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Faith: Lean In, Sis – Guest Blogger Candace

Hey girl hey! I hope your 2020 is going wonderfully so far. If it’s not, there’s still enough time to turn that thing around! You hear me?! Just keep going, you’ll see 🙃.
Ok, so what is your natural reaction when confronted with a situation that scares you? And it’s ok to answer honestly-this is a safe place. I’ll go first. I am the bravest sprinter you will ever meet in the face of fear. That’s right…I’m out of there. I don’t like trouble, and trouble does not care for me!
I remember one summer day when I was a kid, my baby sister and I were outside running around playing hide and seek. It was just the two of us, if I’m not mistaken, and it was my turn to hide. The way our yard was set up, there weren’t any real hiding places other than behind trees. So of course she found me pretty quickly and when she did I took off running towards the front yard. That’s where the safe zone was.
If you know me, you know I’m not the biggest dog lover. Frankly, I am terrified of America’s little best friend. It doesn’t really matter the breed, size, or type of dog – my heart stops on sight. So as I’m running from my “sister”, I happen to turn around to see how close she is and there’s a big, happy golden retriever chasing me down.
I immediately panic and start crying while trying to pick up speed. Now here’s the thing. I really don’t know what I thought the dog would do to me. All I knew was that, this dog that appeared out of nowhere was coming towards me and I wanted no parts! So as fate would have it, that creature chased me up and down the street until its wonderful owner came out and discovered my torment. I’ve never run faster or been more tired in my entire life. I promise you that lol.
I often wonder what would have happened if I had just stopped running and faced my fear? What would have happened if I had simply leaned in to pet the retriever? Would my fear have dissipated in an instant or would it have been validated? Would that day have become the first day of a beautiful, budding relationship or the biggest heartbreak ever? I guess won’t ever know, but I do wish I would’ve been brave enough in that moment to find out.
Faith requires that kind of audacity-the kind that is louder than our apprehension of the unknown. It requires action even when you can’t tangibly see the outcome. Martin Luther King Jr. described faith as “taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”. St. James said “Faith without works is dead” {James 2:26}; and my favorite translation of the same verse says “Separate faith and works and you get the same thing: a corpse” {Message Bible}.
So here’s the bottom line, boo. You can’t be a faith-based believer and back down from the things that scare you (and I am definitely “You” too). WE have to learn how to silence the habit of running away from our worries and choose to lean in to any barrier that has been strategically placed in our path as an intimidation tactic, preventing us from living the full lives we were created to live. If we can just do that, baby girl, we gon’ be alright! Just remember to “lean wit’ it, rock wit’ it”, and eventually our fears will be replaced with joyous celebration. Oh what a day that will be!
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