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Part 2 – Be Observant in Your Environment – Guest Blogger Signè

Hello and thank you for returning for Part 2 of 4 on “Protecting Your Mental Health!”

Part 2: Be Observant in Your Environment

A lot of times we may not realize that the exact place where we spend most of our time, whether it be home, work or out with friends is the exact place that is affecting our mental. Your environment plays a big part on “Protecting Your Mental” because the type of vibes that are displayed can easily be attached to your thoughts and change the ways of your thinking without you being aware. For this reason alone sometimes, we need to sit back and observe the environment in which we are placing ourselves in on a daily basis.

If you see that your environment is weighing down on your mental, try a change of scenery or look up some different events that you could attend to help your mental grow. Don’t be afraid of the unknown or stay where you feel comfortable. Believe it or not most people will stay in a certain environment no matter how bad it may be due to them being “comfortable” and this alone is never a good situation for your mental. Sometimes a breath of fresh air is needed….no hesitations!

**Here are some things to think about when observing your environment:

  • How do you feel when first entering this environment?
  • How do you feel when leaving this environment?
  • Do you feel like you can advance in this environment?
  • Is this environment your only option?
  • Do you see yourself staying in this environment longer than 3-5 years?
  • What type of situations are happening in this environment?

Enjoy my loves and thank you for your time!


Your Blogger Signè 💋

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