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Part 3 is: “The Company You Keep” – Guest Blogger Signe’

Hello and welcome back for Part 3 of “Protecting Your Mental Health.”

Whew hunni, I hope this part really wakes some people up because sometimes we are so caught up in wanting to have friendships or relationships so bad that we don’t realize when some of those relationships are actually what’s hurting us mentally. Believe it or not when you have a friendship or any type of relationship that is not healthy it will weigh heavy on your mental without you even knowing it and believe me when I say, “I am speaking from experience.” Pay attention to the company you keep and always go by their actions towards you instead of their words. Remember the old saying: “Actions speak louder than words!” Our Mental Health needs to be protected in ALL ASPECTS so the energy you allow into your space should not be toxic or negative in any way, shape, or form. Next time you’re free sit down and really evaluate all of the relationships you have with the people you’ve allowed in your space and ask yourself, “Do they DESERVE to be in your space?” You may not have to cut people off but just know that some people may need to be loved from a distance.


Things to take into consideration when evaluating the company you keep:


  1. Are they uplifting you and pushing you to be better?
  2. Do they put you down when you talk about your goals/dreams?
  3. Are they truly happy for you during you winning season?
  4. Do they put you down when you already feel defeated?
  5. Are they supporting you when they can?
  6. Do they make it all about them as if nothing else matters?



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