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Relationship vs Religion – Guest Blogger Lexi

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As we walk through life doing our best to please God, it’s important to remember how your personal 1:1 relationship with Christ is vital to your success. Being raised in a COGIC environment I only remember being afraid of God and never being able to live up to what was acceptable. As such it was not hard for me to walk the wide path versus the narrow in my teens and twenties. When speaking with friends who also left the church I found it’s never because of God. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. It was the religious doctrine of said denomination that pushed them away.


Religion can have various meanings for individuals, but the core definition is a particular way of faith and worship. This is where trouble begins. You have denominations preaching and teaching their way is the only correct way. That only certain people are to preach, this or that dress code is unholy, we are right and you are wrong. The list is never ending and the scars run deep as church hurt is real. I don’t think people understand how so many are afraid to walk back into any church because fear of judgement and disdain is real.


Religion led me to believe a lot of practices that were detrimental to my personal walk. I’m still detoxing from aspects of it because it was embedded in my psyche as a kid/teen. I also dated a man who was Church of Christ and his attempt of forcing a conversion showed me a multitude of things I didn’t agree with and left a harsh taste in my mouth. So it should be no shock to you that my current church is non-denominational.


Depending on your situation you may not attend church every Sunday. Whatever your fancy are you maintaining a relationship with God? Your church cannot get you into heaven simply because you attended x denomination and x number of services across your lifetime. Nobody will answer for the choices you made on the day of judgement except you. What are you doing daily to strengthen your relationship with Him? When dating someone would you be ok with not speaking with them daily? I doubt you would be, but are you speaking to God daily? Are you giving Him praise outside of Sunday service? Are you reading your bible to deepen your relationship with Christ? A relationship not your religion is what He wants.


By no means am I the walking standard of a Christian. These questions are in not to make you feel bad. It’s discovery of where we all can do better as children of Christ Jesus. Tell me in the comments one thing you will do to strengthen your relationship with Him. I will share mine as well.


Until we meet again…


Peace & Blessings



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