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Finding Hope During COVID-19

Hey Inspirers,

I am hoping that all is well with you during this unprecedented time. I wanted to connect with you to give some inspiration and encouragement. By now, you have seen many articles about the Coronavirus and heard briefings from your local government…and our um…#45. Many of your lives have shifted and I know that it has been difficult. We did not plan for this, as it was an abrupt adjustment that we all needed to make in order to remain healthy. For me, my world shook a bit with knowing that I will not have my graduate school commencement. I have not mentioned much about my educational career, but if you don’t know by now I have been in graduate school since 2017 pursuing my MSW. Although commencement will be celebrated at a different time, I remain grateful to know that I can continue on to receiving my degree.

Like you, I know many who are suffering; whether that is with their health, the health of those they love, or through loss of employment. When I think of those around me and how our world all shifted, I cannot help to think about the fact that I am blessed to still have good health and employment. Although it is a blessing, I have been experiencing symptoms of survivor’s guilt. To feel the weight of others worries and knowing that I am in a good place can be hard to digest. Whenever I can, I share positivity and help others to change their perspectives during this unpleasant time. This was crucial as I like to believe that something positive is present in any negative situation. It’s all about how you perceive what is happening around you.

I’ve noticed on social media, the need to keep up with a high level of productivity through this traumatic time. I am here to say that IT IS OK TO REST AND NOT HUSTLE EVERY SINGLE MOMENT BECAUSE YOU HAVE TONS OF FREE TIME – this is not a productivity contest! We are in a world crisis and taking time to realize what really matters is of the essence. Yes, create a blueprint for your business or finish that home project that you have put off for months, but do not feel compelled to KEEPING yourself busy every single day. There should be balance in all of this. This is a great time to reset, regroup, and reposition ourselves because the world will never be the same after this. We do not know what that looks like, but we can reposition our perspectives on how this pandemic has changed our lives.

Some take aways…

  1. Remember, take each day as it comes.
  2. Limit how much news you are consuming daily.
  3. Practice social distance but do not emotionally distance yourself from others; have human interaction via phone/video chat.
  4. Learn something new that you can utilize after this is over.
  5. Read for fun.
  6. Lastly, love on yourself and others.

As always,

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1 thought on “Finding Hope During COVID-19”

  1. This pandemic has been very difficult for me to process.I had to find many ways to cope. I was scared to express my fear as in the beginning it felt as though others were not taking this seriously, That made more anxious and frustrated and the uncertainty of it. I was scared and panicking. But it is important to embrace your feelings and make sense of it.

    What has really helped me was a training that I attended, which included coping mechanisms such as deep breathing. Holding your breath for 6 seconds and exhale, which is to help you to calm down along with giving yourself bear hugs.

    Overall, it’s all about maintaining positivity, self-care, and as you stated physical distance yes, emotional distance no. Take it one day at a time this is new for all of us and try not to consume yourself with it all.


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