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What COVID-19 Taught Me

Hi Inspirier,

Welcome back and I hope you are well and safe. By now, we all have become somewhat adjusted to the life change that swept us off our feet. We’ve been living in such a strange time that I still feel like I am in a bad dream. I’v been tracking every news article and White House briefing since this all started. Still, with all the information I gathered, I had moments where I did not want to accept what was unfolding in front of us. But, I wouldn’t be much of a realist if I did not snap out of my daydream and wake up to reality.

COVID-19 has taught me the importance of the word “essential.” I am sure you are have heard about the words “essentials” and “essential workers” more than ever.  Well, I am one them. It has been a blessing without me knowing it until this pandemic hit. It taught me not to take the things I do daily for granted, like going to work and working over time depending on what’s happening – I am a children’s crisis worker.

Another thing it has taught me is the importance of having multiple streams of income and a hefty savings account. I think we all say to ourselves, “I’ ll do that later” in regards to starting that emergency savings fund and business idea that could bring in more money over time. Now, we may all be wishing that we didn’t put it on the back burner – I know I am. This pandemic has literally put so many of us in a panic regarding our health and finances.

The last thing that COVID-19 has taught me is the value of those we love. This pandemic has literally wiped out so many people globally and I cannot help to think about all the family and friends who never got a chance to say goodbye. Often, I am so busy with working full-time and attending graduate school, that I don’t take advantage of making those warm phone calls or telling funny stories over video chat. This has taught me to slow down and make time for those that valuable in my life.

So, what about you? How are you feeling? What have you learned during this time. Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s keep each other empowered.


As always,

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