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My Graduation Day

Hi Inspirers,

So today was supposed to be the day that I walked in celebration to obtaining my MSW.  For obvious reasons, it was postponed and it truly didn’t hit me until today how important this moment was for me. I never imagined that this would happen but I’ve tried to find ways to remain positive. Walking across the stage today was important because the person walking went through hell and high waters for the degree.

We all have a story, it is the reason behind what we do and who we are. I never imagined getting a Masters in Social Work, in fact I clowned the profession because I thought it was joke. I was a psychology major in undergrad and felt that it was the golden field- you know studying human and animal behavior. But one simple 5 minute prayer got me a MSW in the year of 2020. I wouldn’t have wanted this part of my life story to be any different. When I think about it, Social Work was a part of me in many ways. It explains how I wanted to help others that did not fit fully under the scope of psychology. It gives me an opportunity to be a change agent and that’ll never get old.

I am thankful that I prayed for the right Master’s program and trusted that I would be led on the right path.

If you are a 2020 graduate, Happy Graduation! Let me know in the comments what you studied and where you are graduating from.

As always,

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