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Sis you’re emotionally exhausted

Hey Inspires! My name is Bria Aleisha, like the beautiful Tysheira, I too am a Social Worker – I am a  Licensed Master Social Worker. In addition, I am the creator of Surviving Twenties with Bria Aleisha.  A podcast for twenty-something years olds like yourself, discussing life experiences that’s unique to our generation. 

Before the pandemic began, I was experiencing a level of uncertainty in my life. To be honest and transparent with you, I was emotionally exhausted. I felt empty inside, I wasn’t sure if I was coming or going. I was adjusting to my new job as a Psychiatric Social Worker in the emergency department, while trying to rebrand Surviving Twenties into a podcast without any clear guidance as to how to do both.

I began to question myself, my purpose, and most importantly my why. Why did I think I could work at the hospital? Why did I think I could have a podcast? Being unable to answer these questions, furthered my depression symptoms.  I no longer wanted to go to work, instead I wanted to sleep all day. When I would attempt to record a new episode I would cry. I felt so heavy that I was unable to concentrate while recording.

I felt like I was drowning inside and no one could see me. Everyone was proud of everything I was doing, but no one was asking me if I was okay. It wasn’t until I attended the Millennial Social Work Conference, that I actually felt seen. 

At the conference there were so many young professionals that were experiencing emotional exhaustion as well. Lacking motivation, feeling hopelessness, and physical fatigue. The keynote speaker Dr.Tartt, presented on the five areas in our lives that we must take care of, to help reduce emotional exhaustion: our mental health, physical health, spiritual health, relationships with others, and finances.

To be quite frank, I knew this before attending the conference. However, I was so wrapped up in my thoughts and feelings that I neglected those areas in my life. The conference reminded me I need to take care of myself first. 

Taking care of me is owning how I feel at that moment, processing those feelings, and releasing them instead of harvesting them. Also, self- care for me is exercising, talking to God, and being around loved ones. I have a tendency of isolating myself when I’m feeling down. 

Secondly, the conference taught me that I wasn’t alone. Emotional exhaustion can make you feel so alone in the world. The conference reassured me that my feelings were valid and I had a community that stood in solace with me.

If you’re experiencing emotional exhaustion, please take time for yourself. Honor and acknowledge what you are feeling. Seek professional help from a licensed professional within the field of mental health. 

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1 thought on “Sis you’re emotionally exhausted”

  1. I guess emotional exhaustion is another 21c thing that we should just get used to but never ashamed of … Thank you for sharing dear! 💝🙈🌟


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