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Relationships – Pt.2 with Guest Blogger Lady Tee

It’s been 3 weeks and a lot has happened. I’m stuck with this situation-ship that I’m in that I know needs to end. For the past couple of month’s, it feels like he’s been stringing me along. We only went out on one true date (which I initiated). He keeps telling me he wants to take me out and he wants to do things together but his actions aren’t supporting his words. 

I understand he has a lot on his plate with working, running a photography business and he has a daughter. Where is the free time sis? I even informed him that if it was too much for us to be talking that I would understand and he claimed it’s not too much. Think things changed after this conversation? Nope! 

I don’t know how much more I can give. I support him, care for him, motivate him and what am I left with? Nothing! I’m tired of feeling unappreciated by someone I love (Yes I fell in love with him) and get nothing in return. It’s time to level up and let him go. He lost out on a queen ready to care for him like no other but I’ll be damned if I go down that road again. Piece out Marcus. “One man’s lost is another man’s treasure.”

Back to the drawing board. I know what I want from a man, I tell them what I want and still don’t get what I ask for. How hard is it to communicate with someone, support them with their goals and be as ambitious? This is all I ask for in a man and I still don’t understand what’s so hard to provide this. Men always complain that women only want money…Sir, you are letting the wrong type of woman into your space. 

I got back on the online dating site searching for a king. Any luck? Nope! I realized when we search for love it doesn’t come to us organically. Love comes so unexpectedly and it can be the best time of your life or the worst time of your life. We have to look at the signs someone gives us when they’re interested. Do you genuinely care for me? Do you admire and appreciate me for me? Are you there when I need you? Is the sex good? What are your short/long term goals? (If he doesn’t have any leave him sis!!!) Can I bring you home to my family? Do you have children? Do you believe in marriage? These are the golden package questions to ask yourself when you come across a king. If you can’t answer yes to all of these questions, then you have some serious thinking to do and decisions to make. 

I’ve come across a few men on BLK (black dating app) and I have my eyes and ears open to two. I met one in person but I feel like it won’t lead to anything after our interaction. Before we met he communicated frequently but after we met the communication is dying. Another guy I matched with seems very interesting but we haven’t had the chance to meet…. we’ll see where it goes…LadyTee out ✌🏽

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1 thought on “Relationships – Pt.2 with Guest Blogger Lady Tee”

  1. That’s one thing I keep thinking about! Why do men only think we want money? It was lovely to hear from Ladytee and know that she shares the same opinions! Thank you for sharing and have a great day/night 🙈💝


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