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Updates and Good Stuff!

Hi Inspiriers!

I’ve missed you all dearly. The last time you all checked in with me I was just finishing up my graduate program. While I took some time to enjoy some relaxation and building my business, I knew I had to get back to writing. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed it! I am beyond grateful for the audience that I have built. I see all those who visit and comment under my blog posts, I truly appreciate it. The joy that I get from that is knowing that I am working in my purpose.

So updates and good stuff! Well, I finally finished school and last month I passed my master’s examination so that’s right, I am finally a licensed social worker. Y’all, I worked so hard studying for that exam – oh that was a HUGE reason for my absence. I was studying everyday for about 2-3hrs so I literally breathed and ate my study materials; nonetheless, it paid off because I went in confident and left out knowing that I am doing what I was called to do. In the midst of all of that, I did start my personal development coaching and consulting business and its going pretty good! Being a new business owner, it is so much to learn! But I knew that when I signed up – I am committed to doing what I have to do to be successful. I am having fun, learning, going through trial and error – you know all the things that helps you be a better person.

Lastly, I am gearing up for 2021 and all the things that I want to make happen personally and for my business. I need to reach more women because the world has shifted in such a way and there are so many needs. The pandemic has shown me that I need to go harder after my goals and taught me how to PIVOT, PIVOT, PIVOT! I hope that you got something good out of this unexpected year. There is always something good in the midst of what we categorize as bad. I will love to hear what good things happen to you this year in the comments below.

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