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Leverage Your Loneliness

Good Morning Inspirer,

I hope you started your day with positivity and gratitude, and if you are starting your day reading this blog I hope that it contributes to that great day that you will have. I have an important topic that I want to discuss today, LONELINESS. I know we all experienced it in our lives, and I am aware that some intentionally make sure that they don’t. Wherever you may fall, I want to share something that I found valuable to add to my mindset regarding loneliness. Read this with your mind open and free from distractions to get the most of what I have to share.

As I reflect on my own emotions about loneliness and the seasons, many seasons, that I have endured I came to realize something – I have always leveraged my loneliness. You may be thinking, what is Tysheira talking about ? What does this leverage word mean? The word LEVERAGE has different meanings but you must find in what way it relates to you. For me, I was looking for something that stated a sense of “leveling up”, and “advantage” and I found it. As I simply googled, “leverage definition,” I kept my eyes on this part of the definition, ” use (something) to maximize advantage.”

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What did that look like for me? I took my seasons of loneliness to level up in my life. I took advantage of being alone and free from distractions so that I could see and think clearly on my mission and vision. When you are surrounded by too much noise and the wrong energies, it does not add value to things you desire. It causes static and chaos in your life; hence, make it 10x more difficult for you to focus. I can’t give up on what I affirm and manifest over my life each day and because of this, I stop soaking in my tears of loneliness and decided to leverage it. I would ask myself, “what benefits can you gain by going through loneliness?” I couldn’t get past the fact that I wanted to have people around me so that it could feel like I had the perfect social life. But once I realized that my purpose was much more valuable than trading it for status – I took advantage of it and accomplished some goals.

I hope that you are not reading this and thinking well that all seems easy, because it wasn’t! Or that having a social life is bad, because it isn’t! But I am a FIRM believer that there is a time for everything. I believe that there are some things in my life that need to be accomplished before I feel on top of the world with my new and existing friends. Those of you who have decided to embrace seasons of loneliness and have a full social life, should have people in your corner who understand when this happens because you can simply be working on some goals that require your full attention or just need time to reflect on how you are evolving in the world.

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When you want something so bad but its the wrong timing it gives you that feeling of a lump in your throat. If you know what I am talking about then you know that it is physically hard to swallow. So time and patience allowed me to leverage my loneliness. But what about you? Do you think that you can take something like loneliness, low self-esteem, procrastination and leverage it? I took my difficulties navigating adulthood and mental health and leveraged it to a platform and business. I think you can do the same – just take some time to think about it.

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