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It’s Time for a New Beginning

Hi Inspirer!

Happy Tuesday, how are you feeling? I hope this blog finds you safe, well, and full of peace. Well, its a new month so you know what that means – new month, new opportunities, and a new beginning. I don’t know about you, but I am looking for a new beginning. With the stress of unhappiness at my job, the hard work that I am putting in as a new business owner, I am in need of something fresh and new to keep me on the side of excitement. Do you know what I mean? I think there are times that we get tired of our own selves. Tired of the way we think about things, how we speak to ourselves and the chances that we don’t take. I don’t usually like waiting for a new month or year to embrace change or a new beginning but there are some things I am looking to happen before this year is over. I’ve been manifesting a new beginning for the remainder of 2020 every day.

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I think it truly started in October when I got that itch – you know, the itch that there is something waiting over the horizon for me. At first I ignored it and then I was like wait a minute, this is what I have been waiting for! A sign, some form of communication from above that a new season is waiting for my embrace – at least that’s what I was thinking on the inside. But truly, the daily reflection and self-awareness notified my being that it was happy and needed a new beginning, but not just any new beginning, one that will change the trajectory of my career and ultimate complement my purpose to the fullest. So, you know what I did – I went with it and started to make some moves. Applying for jobs at the next level in my career, fasting to clearly brainstorm ideas for my business, and staying quiet – not texting or talking on the phone much. That’s right, I closed up shop so I can focus on what was happening.

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Have you ever had this experience before? Are you currently going through it now? What was it like for you or what are you experiencing? Are you craving for something new but haven’t put your finger on it? Any fears or concerns with embracing what you can’t fully see? Let me know below, I’d love to hear from you.

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