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New Year, New Goals… Or Not!

Hi Inspirer,

Happy Tuesday! I hope that you have and will continue to enjoy the holiday season. I know that it may be a difficult time for some, so please take care of yourself and take things one day at a time. Well, we know what time of the year it is – preparing for all those new year, new me posts. I am not sure how long that lasts, but I would not suggest living for one specific moment in the year to decide on making changes. It can happen whenever you want to. That is the reason I decided to blog about this today. What about those who are not setting any new goals because they are continuing to work on the previous set? My views are a bit different when the new year rolls around. For example, I don’t feel like my new year starts until my birthday arrives – that’s when I feel a shift of an ultimate new chapter. For you, it may be 1/1 or some other day as well – ultimately its up to when you want to celebrate new beginnings and a fresh start. I just think that we can give that to ourselves every single day if we wanted to.

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You can set the date and time for your new beginning and quit following the old tradition – nothing is wrong with that and nothing is wrong with you! I am not waiting until 12/31 to make any sort of boards or lists because I already did it and it will continue to be of existence until I see everything come to past. When I decided to change things up a bit this year regarding vision / manifestation boards etc, I felt less pressure to keep up with the masses. It can make goal setting for your new beginning stressful because you are worried about doing things the right way or if you decorations are cute enough. I’ve been there so I understand if this is your struggle too. But let’s change that. Let’s decide right now, today, that we won’t fall into the trends of other setters but fall into the trend setter that’s on the inside of us. Let the New Year, New Goals folks do what they do every year, just be comfortable with yourself if you decide not to be a participate of that this year and beyond.

Let me know what you think below in the comments. I love hearing from you all.

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