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I haven’t been writing blogs but…

Hi there Inspirers!

It has been way toooooo long since I have wrote you all. First off, Happy New Year and Women History Month. I believe the last time I wrote a blog post was back in July 2021 – life has been, just you know, doing its thing and moving fast. I have been thinking about my blog for a while and knew that I needed to let you all know about what has been going on. Not only do I always have something going on, you know I cannot stop working on things. I finally opened my online merchandise store called Black Girl Goals & Things http://www.blackgirlgoalsandthings.com . It has been a lot of work and some fun too!

Featuring a Black Girl Goals and Things Crew Neck Sweater

Although that was a cool thing I did, guess what else happened. I wrote and self-published my first book (internally screaming). The title of the book is, For The Unguided Twenty Something Year-Old: Advice, Lessons Learned, and Inspiration. I am deeming this the go to guide for all 20 somethings that is learning to navigate the complexities of adulting. Make sure to grab your physical or e-copy over at http://www.amazon.com/author/tysheiramaddox. I started writing the book in 2019 while I was in graduate school but suddenly stopped because I had a hefty load at that time. I got back to writing in 2021 and worked on it for 6 months consistently and released it on my b-day this year which was, 2/22/22 ! I will be sharing more about that journey in another post.

For The Unguided Twenty Something Year Old: Advice, Lessons Learned, and Inspiration

As I am writing this post, I remember how much healing I received while blogging during the most chaotic times in my life. Starting this blog back in 2018 was a LIFE SAVER. I remember the days that I could not wait to complete a blog post and to now be a self-published author is amazing. I am very proud and I hope you all are too. I didn’t want to make this blog post too long because I want to save a lot for other pieces. But I am happy to be back.

Leave me a comment of something good that has been happening to you or what you hope to see this year.

As always,

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