Trust Issues

I know we hear it in songs and it has become a trend to make the statement, "I got trust issues" and maybe that was something that kept me from admitting it to myself. It wasn't until April, where it all just it hit me like a big Mack truck, I really do have trust … Continue reading Trust Issues

Caught Up in the Rapture of the Blogging World

You get a vision of something you've always wanted to do, maybe it was delayed by fear or the lack of necessities to carry it through. But the vision is clear and loud to the point it speaks to you non-stop. That's what my experience has been like on this journey of blogging. It was … Continue reading Caught Up in the Rapture of the Blogging World

20 & Some Change…

You see the title and may wonder what exactly is Tysheira talking about? Well... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! I am truly thankful to see this day because I know God is not through with me yet. My birthday is the start of my new year and I am overwhelmed with joy that I get to do … Continue reading 20 & Some Change…

What I Learned By Asking for Help

Whew! So it's been a while since I've blogged, but all that means is that I have tons to write about. Sometimes taking a break helps you to regroup and get clarity on your content. I think we all deserve a break from things even if it's what we enjoy. Too much of anything isn't … Continue reading What I Learned By Asking for Help

How God “checked” Me

I woke up today for prayer at 6:30am, and God knows I really didn't want to sacrifice my sleep. But I knew that there had been things troubling my spirit and we needed to talk. I got up, called in for prayer and I sat silent. For the past two weeks, I've been silent with … Continue reading How God “checked” Me