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Imposter Syndrome of a Black Girl

I am a black girl and I suffer with Imposter Syndrome. Oftentimes, I heard these words floating around but never understood it until my time came. It hit me in the midst of my last year of graduate school, perfect timing as I am looking forward to post graduate work utilizing my Masters of Social… Continue reading Imposter Syndrome of a Black Girl

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Will I Ever Find Love Again? – Guest Blogger Teharah

Hey Inspirers! My name is Teharah, but you can call me Lady Tee. I am an introvert who loves to travel, try/learn new things, spend time with friends and family, eat different foods and listen to r&b/soul music. I studied facilities management which I have an associates degree in. I am an upcoming entrepreneur that… Continue reading Will I Ever Find Love Again? – Guest Blogger Teharah

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Finding Hope During COVID-19

Hey Inspirers, I am hoping that all is well with you during this unprecedented time. I wanted to connect with you to give some inspiration and encouragement. By now, you have seen many articles about the Coronavirus and heard briefings from your local government...and our um...#45. Many of your lives have shifted and I know… Continue reading Finding Hope During COVID-19

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Faith: Lean In, Sis – Guest Blogger Candace

Hey girl hey! I hope your 2020 is going wonderfully so far. If it’s not, there’s still enough time to turn that thing around! You hear me?! Just keep going, you’ll see . Ok, so what is your natural reaction when confronted with a situation that scares you? And it’s ok to answer honestly-this is… Continue reading Faith: Lean In, Sis – Guest Blogger Candace

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The Beginning isn’t Easy

Hey there Inspirers, Happy New Year! I am hoping you all got off on the right footing for the new year and remain excited for what's to come. As far as Leave Inspired, we will be having guest bloggers throughout the year and they are all coming with good content. I wanted to start the… Continue reading The Beginning isn’t Easy

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Lack of Confidence- Part 1

Hey Inspirers! Happy October. Happy Fall. Happy Sunday. Lately, I've been having conversations in my personal and work life surrounding the word confidence. In each encounter, I noticed a pattern - the lack of confidence that each individual possessed caused them to live in turbulence, insecurity, and inauthentic. I was curious behind this lack of… Continue reading Lack of Confidence- Part 1

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The Fear of the Unknown or Newness?

Hey Inspirers!  Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back .... Depending on your taste of music, you may know what song that's from. Just a little throw back to get a jam session going, lol. Today, I want to talk about something that I have been struggling with and others that I have been talking with… Continue reading The Fear of the Unknown or Newness?

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Failure…Not What You’re Thinking

I was hoping the title would inspire you to click this post. I wanted to grasp your attention for a moment and talk about this ridiculously and annoying feeling - failure. I know there are times you have felt this, maybe more than you've wanted. You are not alone, I've been there too. See, what… Continue reading Failure…Not What You’re Thinking

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Guest Blogger Tanaisha-Trusting God’s Process Through It All

  Hello all, I am Tanaisha Coleman, a student affairs educator working at the University of Vermont. I aspire to be a multicultural affairs educator and diversity, inclusion, and equity consultant. Other aspirations entail being a teacher of social justice or business equity courses, motivational speaker, diversity and inclusion innovator, and world traveler. My life… Continue reading Guest Blogger Tanaisha-Trusting God’s Process Through It All