They “Tripping”

What comes to mind when you hear the word, "tripping" or the saying they "Tripping"? Maybe someone did something that you did not approve of or acting in a way that makes them look odd. I don't know what it means to you, but it definitely is something I hear often - and its not … Continue reading They “Tripping”

Trust Issues

I know we hear it in songs and it has become a trend to make the statement, "I got trust issues" and maybe that was something that kept me from admitting it to myself. It wasn't until April, where it all just it hit me like a big Mack truck, I really do have trust … Continue reading Trust Issues

The Inside Job

The other night I was having a conversation about the healing process. I was speaking on my healing journey and how rewarding yet difficult it is. I realized that once you start, you can't simply stop because with each level of success there is more to overcome. I might have mentioned before in another blog … Continue reading The Inside Job

Life Happens But We Keep On Rolling

Often times we search for the answers that aren't hard to find. Everything in life isn't a big mystery, we just tend to overlook what we don't want to accept. Choosing to blog about my life and the things I've learned through fear, pain, and loss has taught me a few things about myself. Some … Continue reading Life Happens But We Keep On Rolling

Walking Away Got So Much Easier

Have you ever struggled with walking away from something in your life that didn't serve you well? It may have been from the hostile environment of a job, miserable friendship or toxic relationship. You had enough evidence to show it to the door,but you just couldn't walk away. I was that way too. It was … Continue reading Walking Away Got So Much Easier

Caught Up in the Rapture of the Blogging World

You get a vision of something you've always wanted to do, maybe it was delayed by fear or the lack of necessities to carry it through. But the vision is clear and loud to the point it speaks to you non-stop. That's what my experience has been like on this journey of blogging. It was … Continue reading Caught Up in the Rapture of the Blogging World

Guest Blogger Regina Boykin -She is Free

She is Free Growing up I can recall on many occasions; stating I would never be like my parents “the negative side”. However, when I saw sprouts of them coming forth in my life, not having the maturity level to correctly deal with it I ignored the signs and never received the proper help, healing, … Continue reading Guest Blogger Regina Boykin -She is Free