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Taking A Rest From Productivity

Happy Monday and Happy Black History Month! I have been itching to write something for quite sometime but haven't had the right words to even jot down as a draft - until I was sitting on my couch watching the SuperBowl just battling with myself about how I rested all weekend. Yes, literally juggled guilt… Continue reading Taking A Rest From Productivity

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Post-Grad Blues

Hi Inspirer! It has been some time since my last blog post, but as y'all know I was in graduate school and those summer courses kept me busy! Well, good news... ya girl is DONE! Three long years of pursuing a Master's in Social Work and I am finally done. I remember putting class of… Continue reading Post-Grad Blues

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Imposter Syndrome of a Black Girl

I am a black girl and I suffer with Imposter Syndrome. Oftentimes, I heard these words floating around but never understood it until my time came. It hit me in the midst of my last year of graduate school, perfect timing as I am looking forward to post graduate work utilizing my Masters of Social… Continue reading Imposter Syndrome of a Black Girl


Meet Guest Blogger Lexi Jay

Meet Lexi Jay     Hello there! I’m Lexi Jay also known as The Lifestyle Bae on social media. I’m a nurse consultant leaving my mark on corporate America and delving into additional passions on the side. I run a successful career coaching business in addition to my 9-5. I love when people make the… Continue reading Meet Guest Blogger Lexi Jay