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Taking A Rest From Productivity

Happy Monday and Happy Black History Month! I have been itching to write something for quite sometime but haven't had the right words to even jot down as a draft - until I was sitting on my couch watching the SuperBowl just battling with myself about how I rested all weekend. Yes, literally juggled guilt… Continue reading Taking A Rest From Productivity

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All on Me – Guest Blogger Chemyeeka

Welcome Back You All! This message is a continuation of the previous and brings light to another important step in building healthy relationships. It’s not always the people around you who influence the choices you make. Sometimes, they are simply serving as a reflection of your own thoughts and actions. YOU are the influencer. It’s… Continue reading All on Me – Guest Blogger Chemyeeka

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I Need Equality

Hi Inspirers! I know you may have seen this title and wondered what could come of this post. Well, I'm here to talk about equality... yup you read right. But not in the way you normally think or hear about , but in all things relationships/friendships . I took inventory of all my relationships/friendships I… Continue reading I Need Equality

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Cognitive Distortions

What you know about them cognitive distortions? I bet you know more than you think you know. How so? Because chances are you've dabbled with one or two in your lifetime. Cognitive Distortions are unhealthy thinking habits that reinforces negative thinking and emotions. Some common distortions are filtering, black and white thinking, overgeneralizing, jumping to… Continue reading Cognitive Distortions